Weekender Updates


It is official… Tidy Weekender 25 has sold all rooms for its July event. This means you can no longer book a chalet for what will probably be the biggest post pandemic party of the year!

Following what has been a poor year due to Coronavirus, this has been the news that many hard house clubbers have yearned for and since the government’s announcement of the roadmap out of lockdown there has been a phenomenal surge for tickets

Tidy’s Sam Towend said, “It’s an amazing feeling to think so many of us are going to be reunited in the same place to celebrate us getting out of the pandemic.”

Tidy general manager Lee Haslam added, “It’s incredible news that we have now sold out of rooms at Tidy25. It’s going to be an amazing first show back after such tough times for everyone. We do want to point out though that people can still upgrade chalets and add extra people to rooms though. We have 2000 people currently but plan to get to at least 2500 so we say to everyone, get bunking up!”

The excitement of the weekender selling out all rooms has extended not only to clubbers but also to the DJs that are performing.

Judge Jules “Super excited to play the Tidy Weekender after lots of years.  I’m getting my playlist together already!”

Rob Tissera “This is going to be one of the best hard house events to have ever been staged. The feeling of playing to an audience that has been starved of fun for over a year is going to make it an emotional reunion. I can’t wait to get back amongst it with a few thousand of my closest friends!!”

Anne Savage “I’m extremely excited! I’m just looking forward to seeing all my friends from hard house in person! When I’m not behind the decks I’ll be on the dance floor. I can’t wait for a dance and just to see all those smiling faces!!”

BK “I’m more excited than a person who’s won the jackpot or lottery, just after scoring the winning goal in a World Cup final with a pill stuck up their arse!”

Ben Kaye “I’m looking forward to skateboarding around Pontins.”

Joe Longbottom “I’m most looking forward to seeing my Tidy family seeing old friends and making new ones and being able to wonder from chalet to chalet talking random bollocks to absolutely everybody. Roll on July!!!”

Jon Hemming “I am most looking forward to hearing all the fresh new Tidy music on the massive Tidy sound system, seeing old faces and new, touching people, (not always appropriately), forgetting where my chalet is but finding myself in some other chalets which craft life long memories! I can’t wait to play on one of the main stages for the first time.”

Kym Ayres “It’s 19 years since my first tidy weekender and I am as excited, if not more, to go to this years massive sell out out event. I can’t wait for 3 days of madness and to be on that RAMMED sweaty dance floor – the Milky Bars are on me!!”

If you haven’t yet booked then do not worry, you may be able to add yourself to a friend’s room and day tickets are available for the Saturday and Sunday. Tidy are also setting up a reserve list so you can be notified if anyone drops out. For upgrades and the waiting list email add to buy day passes visit

Other accommodation possibilities are currently being looked at.

This is just what people need and is the ultimate send off to what is allegedly to be the final ever Tidy Weekender. It is a fitting honour to all those who have put in hard work over the last couple of decades to make the event happen.

Pontins better make sure they are well stocked up on Milky Bars!

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