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Secret Vinyl Album – Volume 2 (Tidy Trax)

The first volume was one of Tidy’s biggest recent album releases which featured the Tidy Boys and Andy Farley in the mix. This time round Ben Stevens joins Andy and Amo with the second instalment.

The concept is straight forward. Two mixes, created entirely using records… that’s right records and both sets of DJs have created something rather special. We see the return of many a classic artist such as Chopper, Natural Born Grooves, Fergie, Westbam, Diss-Cuss and Stimulant DJs to name a few. and that’s just the Tidy Boys mix.

Ben Stevens delivers an equally astounding mix with tracks from Paul Glazby, Chris C, Paul King, Knuckleheadz, Paul Maddox, Tara Reynolds delivering a slightly tougher and harder mix.

Both mixes have been seamlessly mixed together live and if you listen close enough you can hear the sound of crackling vinyl. Nothing beats that crisp sound. There are one or two gems in there too!

If you thought the first album was good then this is, without a doubt, as good. You can decide if it’s better. It’s definitely one you don’t want to leave out of your collection.

The first album was released to promote the first Secret Vinyl Party… Does this mean there is another Secret Vinyl Party coming..? Let’s hope so!

Buy the album here.

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