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Tidy Treasures – DJ Lolly

DJ Lolly tells us how an ex-boyfriend’s introduction to clubbing reveals her Tidy Treasure…

Well trying to choose a favourite track from the Tidy label and a special memory over the past 25 years has been extremely difficult.

Its 1999 and I was in my late teens when my then boyfriend at the time began to work behind the bar at a brand-new nightclub that had just opened. He would not stop talking about it, how amazing it was, the sound system, the lasers, the people, his enthusiasm for this club got me interested and so persuaded me to go. The club was called Code and the event was called Godskitchen. I loved the trance sound and remembered seeing DJs like Mauro Picotto, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren with the driving rhythms and breakdowns, As the months went by, I bump into one of my previous school mates in the club and we were so thrilled to see one another and we got chatting about what we are doing now, loving life and this moment and she mentioned another club and event that is ‘Banging and even more crazy’ and its just around the corner from Code and its on a Saturday and that we should meet up.

I was intrigued and excited for this, as we stood in the queue and it was a lengthy queue all the way round the corner and beyond. I was mesmerised with the outfits I was seeing, red and yellow fluffy boots, red and yellow fluffy skirts. spikey coloured hair, polka dots on their faces, flashing dummies, bracelets up the arm, I had seen something similar at Godskitchen, however, I thought to myself wow this is something else, this is next level. I can hear the pumping bass through the walls and the music getting louder as we got nearer the entrance and it was exhilarating. I have no idea who was playing but I was loving it, all I could think of was hurry up and get me in! Once we were in,

I fell in love with this club and event and the music, wow I was hooked. I parked the trance to one side, this was it now, it was all about this music, I was converted, and this stayed with me for many years. I did not know the styles of music at that time I just knew I loved it and so did all the rest of the raving community I was with. The club was called The Sanctuary, and the event was called Sundissential.

At the Sanctuary it was now around 2001. I walked into the main room and it was full, full of hot sweaty ravers, having it to the max! Arms and hands were flying around with glow sticks, and feet were stomping to the beat with massive smiles on their faces and then suddenly someone started shouting down the microphone. He sounded like he had got a sore throat, Madders did love his introductions on the mic. Anyway, after this introduction the place erupts and the music starts with a big intro, people are buzzing and so ready for these pair of DJs.

I was blown away with their flair, their performance, how they were really enjoying themselves up in the DJ booth, their fists pumping and body bopping and the crowd and myself absolutely loving it. They played a particular track that forever is so beautiful with its high tonal vocal, thumping and driving beat, huge melody and is instantly recognisable. The DJs are one of my absolute favourites, they are The Tidy Boys, and this track is such a classic hard house treasure it never fails, with a special place for me in my memories its Signum Coming on Strong (Hyperlogic Remix). This is my Tidy Treasure.

Roll on 20 years and I am the DJ, and I am loving every minute and I seriously can not wait to play at my very first Tidy Weekender. See you there!

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  1. Paul Docker says:

    This would definitely have been in the running for my Tidy treasure

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