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Tidy joins Label Radar for demo submissions

Tidy Trax has recently announced that it has joined Label Radar, the music submission and discovery platform. This partnership is exciting news for both labels and producers alike, as it promises to bring fresh talent to the forefront and deliver top-quality tracks to dancefloors around the world.

Label Radar is a cutting-edge platform that connects artists with labels, radio stations, and other industry professionals. Its machine learning technology helps labels discover the best talent out there, and artists can get real-time feedback on their submissions. With over 6,000 labels using the platform, Label Radar has become an essential tool for music discovery and promotion.

The partnership between Tidy Trax and Label Radar is a perfect match. Tidy Trax has always been dedicated to discovering and developing new talent, and Label Radar is the ideal platform to continue that legacy. For aspiring hard dance producers, this collaboration presents an incredible opportunity to get their music heard by one of the most respected labels in the game. By submitting their tracks through Label Radar, they have the chance to catch the attention of Tidy Trax’s A&R team and potentially get signed to the label.

The partnership between Tidy Trax and Label Radar is a win-win for all parties involved. It’s an exciting time for the hard dance community, and we can’t wait to see what new talent emerges from this collaboration.

To submit a demo to Tidy click the link below: