Fractal by Sam Townend

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Sam Townend presents his artist album ‘Fractal’.

Tidy’s long term label manager has decided to finally pull his finger out and actually start writing the music he wants to under his own name. After various different guises over the years and many rants at other producers and DJs about Hard House and how it’s not been done right in his opinion, 2021 sees him put his money where his mouth is and actually release some music that hopes to broaden the scope of the genre by going back to the routes of fun house music that’s hard designed to play at a party!

Is it Hard House? is it Tech House? Is it Techno? is It Bass House? Is it Coventry Dubstep? Fuck knows and we don’t care. This is the sound of Untidy. 

This double CD contains a DJ mix + the full length DJ friendly singles (apart from ‘What Time Is Love’ which is exclusive to the USB & digital release)


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01.The Dirty Garage Door /Intro
02.Holy Geezus
03.Watching Shooting Stars
04.What Time Is Love?
05.Double Pinger (Take Me Higher)
06.Mmm Hmm 07.Disco Whistle
08.Top Donkz 09.Ravers Revenge
10.Special Times
11.Make It Bang
12.No Replies
14.Uropa’s Balcony

01.Holy Geezus
02.Watching Shooting Stars
03.Double Pinger (Take Me Higher)
04.Mmm Hmm
05.Disco Whistle
06.Top Donkz
07.Ravers Revenge
08.Special Times
09.Make It Bang
10.No Replies
12.Uropa’s Balcony

4 reviews for Fractal by Sam Townend

  1. TidyBen82 (verified owner)

    After all the teasing from Sam in the Untidy Radio shows we finally have Fractal, and what an album 🙂 As much as I love Hard House, I am really into the slower deeper house sounds of Untidy these days, must be my age lol The only thing I miss on this album is Sams voice over ha ha. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Sam 🙂

  2. mismatchedbeatz (verified owner)

    Well done @tidysam fractal is amazing fresh new beats for the harder generation. Who said “hardhouse is dead” i beg to differ keepittidy

  3. mismatchedbeatz (verified owner)

    Well done @tidysam fractal is amazing fresh new beats for the harder generation. keepittidy

  4. Bluegoob (verified owner)

    A thick slice of chunky funky beats effortlessly mixed together. An overall good solid well produced album.

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