Confessions Of The Tidy Boys Annual USB

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The Tidy Boys are back with a brand new Annual, and it’s full of new music, in the same way as all the classic older Annual’s did. It’s been 20 years since Tidy launched this series and finally after 16 years here comes the 6th instalment which is actually a mix adventure. Mix one and two packed with new music plus a bonus mix 3 that features The Tidy Boys live at the Opera House from 2007. This is a limited Edition USB that has the same packaging box as the original Annual’s and is the perfect companion to the previous 5. The album features brand new tracks by Ingo, Colin Barratt, Nicholson, Quake, Ben Stevens, Bulletproof, Paul Maddox, Steve Hill & Technikal, Jas Van Houten, The Tidy Boys and many more…

This USB also contains all 5 previous Annual mixes and 6 single tracks from the forthcoming Annual EPs.

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Sam Townend – Holy Geezus
James Revill – Belgium Durt
Ben Stevens – Take Me Back (Sam Townend Remix)
Nicholson – Sunstroke
Eamon Fevah & NuroGL – Inside Of Me
NG Rezonance & PHD – Acid Drop
The Tidy Boys – Pump It Up
Colin Barratt – Let it Rip
JLF vs Digital Mafia – Doin’ That (Energy)
Tidy DJs & Jon BW – Release Me
Paul Maddox – Slightly Mad
Ingo – Bless You
Digital Mafia & Mike Taylor – Rave To The Grave
Rob Tissera & PAUL PRIESTLEY – Aspirations
Hayley Colleen & Leigh Green – Together

Jordan Suckley – Aztec Curse
Quake & Nicholson – Life’s A Dream
Systemshock & Bryn Whiting – Never Surrender
Bryn Whiting – You Are Still Alive (Album Mix)
Jas Van Houten – Square 1
Ingo – Strobelight
Bulletproof – Wanna Hear Ya (Album Mix)
Ben Stevens – Take Me Back (Original Mix)
Andy Naylor feat haYley Colleen – Your Energy
Starquake – Hold Me Hostage
Max Mozart feat Lia B – Runnin’
Bass Jumper – Underground Sound
DR4 / Nick Rafferty – I Need A Fix (Velos Remix)
Steve Hill & Technikal – Smash The Speakers
NG Rezonance & PHD feat Hayley Colleen – Worlds Collide (Stimulant DJs Remix)

Tidy Boys live at the Opera House Bournemouth 2007

USB Also contains:
Tidy Boys Annual Mixes
Tidy Girls Annual Mixes
Tidy FC Annuals Mixes
Tidy Boys Summer Seaside Annual mixes
Tidy TV Annual Mixes

Single tracks
Confessions Of The Tidy Boys Annual EP ONE
1. Tidy Boys – Pump It Up
2. Colin Barratt – Let It Rip
3. Bass Jumper – Underground Sound

Confessions Of The Tidy Boys Annual EP TWO
1. Tidy DJs & Jon BW – Release Me
2. Starquake – Hold Me Hostage
3. Max Mozart feat Lia B – Runnin’

The Tidy Annuals were first launched in 2001, The Tidy Boys Annual was the first and became a massive success. The cute hard backed children’s Annual design of the packaging and the insert booklet made this a collectors item and paved the way for this new series, there we 5 in all, they were : Tidy Boys Annual, Tidy Girls Annual, Tidy FC Annual, Tidy Boys Summer Seaside Annual and the Tidy TV Annual. All these albums now seem like they are full of classics, yet, in fact they are full of new music at the time. With this in mind this new Annual is also full of brand new music. The USB has three main mixes, two with brand new music plus a bonus Tidy Boys live mix. It also contains all the previous 5 Annual albums, plus as always a silly Annual booklet.

13 reviews for Confessions Of The Tidy Boys Annual USB

  1. Colricho (verified owner)

    Absolutely buzzing with the new annual
    Come quick too excellent service
    Will be ordering again

    • TidyBrad

      Thanks you must have a good postie

    • TidyAmo

      Thanks for this, you are one of the lucky ones that got their copy quick… hope you enjoy it.

  2. Spin (verified owner)

    Got it today and the whole USB is packed with Banging tunes, gotta be one of the best purchases I’ve bought in a while. Sweet as!

  3. Chris Walker (verified owner)

    Got my USB today. All the WAVs transferred to my phone. So much to get my ears into. Gyms open Wednesday, perfect listening for sweating and shaking.

  4. dazbunn (verified owner)

    USB Arrived today, What an album! Definately worth the wait!! Full of future bangers!!!

    • TidyAmo

      Hi Daz, thanks for your review, always makes us happy when people love the new music.

  5. Alated (verified owner)

    I reilly reilly likes the Tidy Bobs album its my fravourite moosic.
    The best track on the 1ST mix is the won with the lady singin and the best track on the 2ND mix is the otter won with the lady singin. I think its the same lady!

    Next tiem, please make the puzzlez easyer because I can only find won word – BOBS

  6. Neil Hynes (verified owner)

    Big thanks to the Tidy Team for putting this out . I’m a big fan of physical media, and I love that they went to the effort of producing cool cover art and a whole new design for this release . When I see it, it just looks FUN; just like the Tidy Weekenders 🙂 The box and booklet are great quality and the USB is great looking too. I was delighted to hear the old annuals aswell in high quality WAV format . Thanks again Tidy Team for another great release . Neil Hynes, Ireland.

    • TidyAmo

      Thanks Neil for your review, so glad you like it, makes all the effort worth while.

  7. Ozzy (verified owner)

    Still waiting for mine ordered it 10 days ago, not happy

    • TidyBrad

      Hi your order was shipped 48 hours after it had been placed, this may be an issue with the post office please contact us through chat or via email and we will chase this for you.

  8. Funkin_Untidy (verified owner)

    A new Tidy annual!!! been waiting a while for one of these. It is a great showcase for all the music that is new to Tidy Trax from the resident and also gone but not forgotten DJs. There are some great remixes of old tracks and brand new tracks on here, going from Hardhouse, HardTrance, Untidy, bounce and funky, It’s like a sampler of whats to come in 2021, a new era for Hardhouse and Tidy 25 is the biggest stage to perform on. Thank you.

    • TidyAmo

      HI, thanks for taking time to write a review… so glad you like the new stuff, we think its what the seven needed, roll on 2021

  9. Steven Baker (verified owner)

    Love this great new tracks and all the old albums too for 40 quid bargain. Got delivered to wrong address and the old guy there opened it. Think he thought it was some old school porn looking at the booklet 😆😆

    • TidyAmo

      Thanks Steven, enjoy the music but be careful with the booklet insert…

  10. tw133yylive-ie (verified owner)

    Have not stopped listening to this! Tidy always produce the most creative mixed cds but still keeping so fresh is hard now. They nailed it, no bad tunes and some haymakers ive never heard and new tracks in a world of over produced are the sound we all miss, Its a journey through sound no other label of any dance label can compete with because its not tied to one sound its how it should be! Amazing work and please keep it coming!! The new tracks are fuking belters!!

  11. thebigG (verified owner)

    What an epic album! Tidy are back! Every track on this was great and signifies a return to form for tidy, it’s like going back in time 20 years when you’re cracking open new albums with fresh music. I can highly recommend this and anyone hesitating to press the button – just do it!! An excellent album. There were some issues with Royal Mail, but the team at Glamzoo were more than helpful and sorted my issue with no problems.

  12. Jules (verified owner)

    Really loving this album, you can never beat the Tidy Tunes! Never fails to put a smile on my face listening to them…. :o)

  13. Stylus (verified owner)

    Amo and Andy have once again mixed an album which is an absolutely beauty, it’s got a bang up to date feel and goes from dirty House to Hard Trance to Hard House, it’s a great selection of tunes, the tunes I like are Mix A Inside of me, Acid Drop and Doin that, Mix B Life’s a dream, Never Surrender, Smash the Speakers and Worlds Collide and the Stimulant DJs mix of Worlds Collide is a cracker love the sound, there are a few tunes that I need to listen to more for them to grow on me but overall a brilliant album

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