The Adventures Of Paul Maddox (USB)


The series continues that features some of the finest hard house producers of our time, and by popular demand we have a fantastic collection by Paul Maddox
The Adventures of Paul Maddox is a showcase of this mans talent, one of the biggest and best producers in hard house who first surfaced way back in the early 2000’s on Tidy Trax.

This product is part of our new Tidy Limited Edition Series. It comes in a metal tin with a Tidy branded USB stick

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12 Inch Thumpers – Don’t Cross The Line – Olive Grooves Remix.wav
Abandon – The Underground – O.G.R. Remix.wav
Abandon – The Underground – Original.wav
Abandon vs JP & Jukesy – On The Floor.wav
All Boxed In – Happen (Maddox & Townend Offbeat Thunder Mix).wav
All Boxed In – Happen (Maddox & Townend Remix).wav
Amber D- Rush On Me (Paul Maddox Remix)
Andy Farley & Olive Grooves – Feel.wav
Andy Farley & Olive Grooves – Got Me Movin.wav
Andy Farley & Olive Grooves – Kinky Mover.wav
Audox & Gilly – Flash (Paul Maddox Lazer Dub).wav
Azure – Sunset.wav
Azure & Serge – Walk The Walk (303 Dub).wav
Azure & Serge – Walk The Walk v2.wav
Azure, Riley & Durrant – Captive (Vocal Mix).mp3
Ben Stevens – Paul Maddox – In Your Hands (Olive Grooves Danger Dub).wav
Ben Stevens & Abandon – Traumatic .wav
Benedict Brothers – Honey Child (Paul Maddox 08 Remix).wav
Chris C – Fierce (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Chris C & Paul Maddox – Bomber.wav
Chris C and Madame Zu Meets Ben Kaye – Rock The Target (Barely Legal Remix).wav
Comedy Dick – Like It or Loompa It .wav
Crazed Abandon – Human Error.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – Chatline.wav
DJ GRH & Paul Maddox – Detour.wav
F5 – Jez & Charlie – Its About Music (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
F9 – SJ & Baby Doc – I Need U (Untidy Dub).wav
Funky People (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
John Mills – Steve Thomas – Time Suspension (Olive Grooves Remix) – NineNineNine.wav
Lisa Pin Up – Blow Your Mind (I Am The Woman) (Paul Maddox Tidy Remix).wav
Maddox & GRH – Live For The Danger.wav
Maddox & Jojo – Blonde Leading the Blonde v2 MASTER.wav
Maddox & Slater – Corvette.wav
Maddox & Stevens – Heaven Sent .wav
Maddox & Stevens – Heaven Sent (Trance-Pennine Express Mix).wav
Maddox & Stevens – In Your Hands.wav
Maddox & Stevens – Let The Music Play.wav
Maddox & Stevens – Shelter Me.wav
Maddox & Townend – Higher Ground.wav
Maddox & Townend – Sweatdown.wav
Maddox & Townend – Ups & Downs.wav
Maddox and Kaye – Tales From The Krypt (Original Mix).wav
Maddox and Rumble – Party People (Original Mix).wav
Masmada & Abandon – Control Your Body v2 VW.wav
Miss Behavin’ – Such A Good Feelin’ (Barely Legal Remix).wav
NRG – Never Lost His Hardcore (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
OGR – Daydreamer (Original Mix master).wav
Olive Grooves – On Fire .wav
Olive Grooves – Two Short Planks.wav
Olive Grooves & Ken Slater – Beach Bum.wav
Olive Grooves & Kris O’Rourke – Freshen Up.wav
Olive Grooves vs K&K – Clap Ya Ham.wav
Paul Glazby & Abandon – Tortured .wav
Paul Maddox – Analogue Rush (Club Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Bassline Pressure.wav
Paul Maddox – Bring It.wav
Paul Maddox – Burnt Out Metro.wav
Paul Maddox – Confession.wav
Paul Maddox – Conscious Awareness.wav
Paul Maddox – Endangered (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Feelin94 (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Got Power .wav
Paul Maddox – Medusa.wav
Paul Maddox – Mesmerised.wav
Paul Maddox – Moody (Club Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Obsessive Compulsive.wav
Paul Maddox – Paul Glazby – Sorrow – Vicious Circle.wav
Paul Maddox – Quicksand (Club Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Raid.wav
Paul Maddox – Revolution.wav
Paul Maddox – Seismic.wav
Paul Maddox – Surrender (Club Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Tension (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Tension (Vicious Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – You Belong To Me.wav
Paul Maddox & Ben Stevens – In Your Hands (Olive Grooves Danger Dub).wav
Paul Maddox & Ben Stevens – To The Bass.wav
Paul Maddox & DJ GRH – Live For The Danger.wav
Paul Maddox & Ken Slater – Reunion.wav
Paul Maddox & Ross Homson – Always There.wav
Paul Maddox & Shaun M – Tainted Love .wav
Paul Maddox and Ingo – Reactor (Paul Maddox Mix).wav
Paul Maddox Feat Niki Mac – Reach Out.wav
Paul Maddox feat. Niki Mak – Synthosaurus (Moments Of Madness Dub).wav
Paul Maddox feat. Niki Mak – Synthosaurus (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox meets Base Grafitti – Got The Bottle.wav
Paul Maddox meets Jon BW – Spook Show.wav
Paul Maddox meets Karim – Double Edged Sword.wav
Paul Maddox meets Rodi Style – Cinematic.wav
Paul Maddox meets Technikal – Captive.wav
Paul Maddox meets The Tidy DJs – Rave Cat.wav
Paul Maddox Olive Grooves – I Cant Let Go
Paul Maddox Olive Grooves – On Fire
Paul Maddox Olive Grooves – Organ Grinder
Paul Maddox Olive Grooves – Pitchbend Groove
Paul Maddox Vs Dj GRH – New York New York (Original Mix).wav
Phil Cogan – Voodoo Magic (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Phil York & Chris Hoff – Running (Azure Remix) .wav
R12 – Riot Bros – Guyver Unit (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Rachel Auburn – Screwdriver (Olive Grooves Silly Disco Mix).wav
Rich Halpin & Paul Maddox – Move Me.wav
Rundell & Maddox – Everybody’s Hardcore.wav
Rundell & Maddox – Homicide.wav
Rundell & Maddox – Rumpshaker.wav
Rundell & Maddox – So Long.wav
Scott Cooper – Ali Wilson – Disease (Paul Maddox Remix) – Vicious Circle.wav
Shaun M & Abandon – Another Man’s Language (Original Mix).wav
Shaun M & Abandon – Digging Deeper.wav
Shaun M & Abandon Acid Tribe ’14.wav
SilkandStones – Let There Be House (Maddox & Townend Remix).wav
SJ and Baby Doc – I Need U – Glazby and Maddox Remix.wav
Stimulator – Play (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
The Committee – Welcome I Said Shut Up (Streetforce and OGR Remix).wav
Tidy Allstars – Get Up Stand Up (Farley & Maddox Remix).wav
Tidy Allstars – The Homecoming Magna Theme (Original).wav
Tissera & Maddox – Hold Me In Your Arms.wav
Trance-Pennine Express – Don’t Tell Me (Original Mix).wav
Travel – Bulgarian (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Untidy Dubs – Get Down & Dirty.wav
Untidy Dubs Presents Crimson.wav
Untidy Dubs Vol6 – A Little Something .wav
Untidy Dubs Vol6 – Broken Heart.wav
Untidy Dubs Vol6 – Use It Or Lose.wav
VCR165 – Ken Slater – Paul Maddox – Reunion – Vicious Circle.wav
VCRHB002A – Paul Maddox – Phaserblade – Vicious Circle.wav
VCRHB002B – Paul Maddox – Silhouette – Vicious Circle.wav
Velos – The Joker (Paul Maddox Remix) .wav
Wall Haddocks – Deep Sea Woman.wav
Wall Haddocks – Whiting Noise.wav
Wid & Ben Meet Shaun M – Man’s Machine (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Wonk erd – Comedy Dick – Like It Or Loopma It
Wonk erd – Pure Imagination

Paul Maddox Live at Tidy Weekender 7
Paul Maddox Producer Series
Paul Maddox & Sam Townend Tidy London Live
Plus Bonus tracks