Hard House Bible: The Collection


The Hard House Bible Collection USB features all of the DJ mixes and singles from the series so far:
Vol 1 – The Tidy Boys
Vol 2 – BK
Vol 3 – Andy Farley

Essential listening for any discerning Hard House lover!

This product is part of our new Tidy Limited Edition Series. It comes in a metal tin with a Tidy branded USB stick

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Hard House Bible Vol 1 (Disc 1) – Mixed by The Tidy Boys
Hard House Bible Vol 1 (Disc 2) – Mixed by The Tidy Boys
Hard House Bible Vol 2 (Disc 1) – Mixed by BK
Hard House Bible Vol 2 (Disc 2) – Mixed by BK
Hard House Bible Vol 3 (Disc 1) – Mixed by Andy Farley
Hard House Bible Vol 3 (Disc 2) – Mixed by Andy Farley
Hard House Bible 4 – The Old Testament – Ben Stevens
Hard House Bible 4 – The New Testament – Ben Stevens


99th Floor Elevators – Hooked (Pete Wardman Remix)
Adam M & Abandon – Making Bass From Hoover (Original Mix)
Agent Jack – Left Right (Original Mix)
Andy Farley – Barriers (Extended Mix)
Andy Farley & Frank Farrell – Rupha N Tupha (Original Mix)
Andy Farley & Paul Glazby – Naughty (Original Mix)
Andy Naylor – Sweat (Original Mix)
Atlantis – Fiji (Extended Remaster)
Base Graffiti – House Always Wins (Extended Mix)
Base Graffiti – If You Have It (2002 Remix)
Base Graffiti & Mark Kavagnah – Hardcore Party
Beatniqz – Kick It (BK Remix)
Ben Stevens – Attack (Extended Mix)
Ben Stevens & Tenchy – Get Ready Yo (Extended Mix)
Benedict Brothers – 4 Those That Can Dance (Original Mix)
BK – Bad Ass (3am At Convergence Mix)
BK – Don’t Give Up (Original Mix)
BK – Dreams (Hard Mix)
BK – Revolution (Original Mix)
BK & dBm – Hold It (In2Orbit Mix)
BK & Ilogik – Real Life (Original Mix)
Brain Bashers – Take Me Away (Original Mix)
Bulletproof – Mistakes (Tim Clewz remix)
Bulletproof – Wanna Hear Ya (Original Mix)
Bush Babies – Delicious (F1 Remix)
Captain Tinrib & Sol Ray – Attack Of The 50ft DJ (Extended Mix)
Chric C – Freefall (Beatniqz Remix)
Cortina – Music Is Moving (BK & dBm Amber Remix)
Cunaro & Dean – It’s About Time (Freak & Mac Zimms Remix)
Da Klubb Kings – Crank This Mutha (Klubbheads Remix)
Dan Madams – Amnesia (Original Mix)
Dave Holmes – Samsara (Jon Doe remix)
Dave Owens & Frank Farrell – Graduate (Paul Glazby Remix)
Defective Audio – Internal Drama (Extended Mix)
Drax Nelson – Now Do It (Original Mix)
Drax Nelson – Prime Hoover (Original Mix)
Dyewitness – What Would You Like To Hear Again (Ian M Trade Mix)
East Anglia – Unmanageable (Sharp Boys Raided Dub)
Equinox – Immure (Equinox Remix)
F1 – Recoil (Original Mix)
Incisions – Beyond Motion (Paul Glazby & Paul Janes Remix)
Ingo – Bless You (Original Mix)
Jas Van Houten – Gimmy Pouwa (Original Mix)
Jas Van Houten – Square 1 (Original Mix)
JFK – Good God (Beat Renegades Remix)
Jon Bishop – Stalker (Energy Syndicate Remix)
Kriess Guyte – XTC (Extended Mix)
Kyle Starkey – Your Party (Extended Mix)
Manik (NZ) – Hello (Original Mix)
Mark Knight & Tuff London – Jus’ Come (Original Mix)
Nylon – If You Love Me (Paul Janes Remix) (2017 Remaster)
Olie-S & Leigh Green feat Niki Mak – Don’t Give Up (Extended Mix)
Paul Glazby – Beautiful (OD404 Remix)
Paul King – Kick It In (Extended Mix)
Paul Maddox – Build It Up (Original Mix)
Paul Maddox & Karim – Double Edged Sword (Extended Mix)
Robbie Muir – Body Rock (Original Mix)
RR Fierce – Neurone X (Nick Sentience Remix)
Sam & Deano vs Ben Stevens – Rescue Me (Technikal Remix)
Steve Blake – Expression (Lee Pasch Remix)
Steve Blake – I Get A Rush (Steve Hill vs Technikal Mix)
Tasty – Make It Rock (Knuckleheadz Remix)
Terrance And Phillip – Red Alert (Original Mix)
Tony De Vit – Are You All Ready (Original Mix)
Tony De Vit – Burning Up (Paul King Remix)
Tony De Vit – Don’t Ever Stop (BK Remix)
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (Paul Kings Trade Club Mix)
Trauma – Higher (Ben Vennard vs Cupra Remix)
Trauma – You’ll Know (Dan Madams Remix)
Travel – Bulgarian (Paul Maddox Remix)
Tuff London – So Restless (Original Mix)
Tuff London & Ben Remember – Gotta Give Me (Original Mix)
UK Gold – Nuclear Shower (APA Remix)
Untidy Dubs – Funky Groove (Sorley Remix)
Vox & Go – Unstuck (Original Mix)