The Tidy Lockdown Annual (USB)



After the roaring return of the Tidy Boys Annual in late 2020, we thought we’d better follow it up with another Annual to satisfy your musical yearnings! As we finally look to brighter horizons and the potential end to the pandemic, we proudly present ‘The Lockdown Annual’!

The concept is simple; we gathered 12 of our close friends and asked them to contribute 2 or 3 tracks each that they wished they had been playing out in the clubs over the last 12 months, or had some significance to them over the lockdown period. We then collated all the music together and passed a digital file to one another over zoom for everyone to add their own tracks to. It was then finally produced & polished off by Lee Haslam (who washed his hands afterwards).

The 12 featured artists on the album are The Tidy Boys, Lisa Pin Up, Signum, Anne Savage, Rob Tissera, Nicholson, Sam Townend, Lee Haslam, Ben Stevens, Pau Maddox, Flash Harry, and Digital Mafia.

The mix is made up of 30 tracks featuring the biggest producers and sounds, with a healthy mixture of exclusive & upfront sounds to keep you entertained ahead of the clubs reopening.

Mix  3 is a very special bonus featuring Discam’s Live DJ poll winners mix for the Tidy 25 Weekender.
This was performed at Tidy HQ just before the lockdown.

This USB also contains all 3 mixes from the Annual, 12 DJ friendly tracks from the Annual Mixes, Tidy Pro course student tracks and bonus videos from selected TidyPro masterclasses!

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The Tidy Annuals were first launched in 2001, The Tidy Boys Annual was the first and became a massive success. The cute hard backed children’s Annual design of the packaging and the insert booklet made this a collectors item and paved the way for this new series, there we 5 in all, they were : Tidy Boys Annual, Tidy Girls Annual, Tidy FC Annual, Tidy Boys Summer Seaside Annual and the Tidy TV Annual.  We restarted the Annual series last year to roaring success with a brand new Tidy Boys Annual. It was the first time we had released a new album of pure upfront music and to say the reaction was a positive one would be an understatement. Now, as we venture out of lockdown we present the next Annual release which sees us focus on the music that has been created and spawned out of the restrictions that were brought onto us by the COVID Pandemic.  The USB album has three mixes, a selection of tracks from the mixes in full length DJ friendly format, some exclusive tracks from our TidyPro educational project and always a silly Annual booklet.


Disc 1:
1. Sam Townend – What Time Is Love (Sam Townend)

2. Lee Pasch – Bass Playaz (Sam Townend_

3. Nicholson – Chainsaw – Townend’s Chainsaw Massacre Remix (Sam Townend)

4. Signum – Flashback (Signum)

5. NG Rezonance & PHD – Worlds Collide – Signum Remix (Signum)

6. Nicholson & Paul Skelton – Serenity (Nicholson)

7. Bryn Whiting – You Are Still Alive – Nicholson Remix (Nicholson)

8. Steve Hill, Technikal, BK & Rob Tissera – Feel The Friction (Rob Tissera)

9. Pete Mac & Rob Tissera – Set Free (Rob Tissera)

10. NG Resonance – Thermite – NG Resonance 2020 Extended Mix (The Tidy Boys)

11. Adam Dixon – Tomorrow (The Tidy Boys)

12. Nicholson Vs Jens – Loops & Tings (The Tidy Boys)

13. Nick Rafferty & PBS – Groovin – Ben Stevens Remix (Ben Stevens)

14. Will Shepherd & Lee Mills- FK God (Ben Stevens)

15. Marc Lewis – Out Of body Experience (Ben Stevens)


Disc 2:

1. Mark James – Pump This Place – BK Remix (Lee Haslam)

2. Technikal VS LD Concept – This Is Now – Lee Haslam Remix (Lee Haslam)

3. Lee Haslam – The Power (Lee Haslam)

4. Nicholson & Quake – Life’s A Dream (Flash Harry)

5. Technikal – Closer (Flash Harry)

6. Paul Maddox – Slightly Mad (Paul Maddox)

7. EUFEX – Chained – Johny Favourite Remix (Paul Maddox)

8. Bush Babies – Delicious – BK’s 9am @ Turnmills Remix (Paul Maddox)

9. Pluto & Digital Mafia – Mrs Flash (Digital Mafia)

10. Digital Mafia & TMI – Soldiers ReUnite (Digital Mafia)

11. Ingo – Strobelight (Anne Savage)

12. Anne Savage & Ben Stevens – I Believe (Anne Savage)

13. Alf Graham & Dan Diamond – Bring The Beat Back (Lisa Pin Up)

14. Dave Holmes – Devotion – Charlie Bosh & Jamie R Bounce Remix (Lisa Pin Up)

15. Miss Detonate – Off My Nut (Lisa Pin Up)

DISC 3: 
Discam’s Tidy 25 DJ comp Winners Set; remastered.



Dave Holmes – Devotion – Charlie Bosh & Jamie R Bounce Remix
Ingo – Strobelight
Bush Babies – Delicious – BK’s 9am @ Turnmills Remix
Technikal – Closer
Nick Rafferty & PBS – Groovin – Ben Stevens Remix
Nicholson Vs Jens – Loops & Tings
Bryn Whiting – You Are Still Alive – Nicholson Remix
Nicholson & Paul Skelton – Serenity
NG Rezonance & PHD – Worlds Collide – Signum Remix
Sam Townend – What Time Is Love


TIDY PRO STUDENT  TRACKS (Full Length DJ Friendly WAV Single) 

Chris Kayl – Darkness
Mark Butcher – Kick It (Forthcoming on Untidy) 
James Whitewood – Live For Today (Forthcoming on Tidy White) 
Disco Biscuit – I Feel Everything
CLK – The Mystery (Forthcoming on Tidy White) 
Andy Naylor – Coming Up Hot  (Forthcoming on Tidy White)

(Bonus Content) Masterclass Videos:
Signum Presents What Ya Got 4 Me Track Deconstruction
Ben Stevens Presents Take Me Back Track Deconstruction
Paul Maddox Set You Free Track Deconstruction