Cor Blimey It’s Flash Harry (USB)


One of Tidy’s most loved producers presents the penultimate edition of the Hard House Producer series! Without doubt, Flash Harry (aka Paul Chambers to his mum) is one of the most influential producers on the Tidy labels. From chugging disposable disco dubs to THAT remix of Heavens Cry, Flash Harry has produced some of the most memorable moments in the harder generations history! This album presents his entire discography with some exclusive digital versions and rare ‘DJ only’ gems available for the first time ever!

This product is part of our new Tidy Limited Edition Series. It comes in a metal tin with a Tidy branded USB stick

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Bulletproof – Berry (Unreleased Serious Recs Demo 1998).wav
Bulletproof – Dance To The Rhythm.wav
Bulletproof – Dance With Me (Unreleased) 1998.wav
Bulletproof – Mistakes – Knuckleheadz remix.wav
Bulletproof – Mistakes – Steve Thomas remix.wav
Bulletproof – Mistakes (DBSK Remix).wav
Bulletproof – Mistakes (Ground Zero Mix).wav
Bulletproof – Mistakes (Original 12 inch Mix).wav
Bulletproof – Mistakes (Original).wav
Bulletproof – Say Yeah 2013 Weekender Mix.wav
Bulletproof – Say Yeah.wav
Bulletproof – Slammed Mistakes (Flash Harry Bootleg MIX).wav
Bulletproof – Zero Tolerance (Defective Audio Mix).wav
Bulletproof Energy Syndicate – Everyday.wav
Bulletproof pres. Bravado EP – Psycho [2002 Hotwax Traxx].wav
Bulletproof pres. Bravado EP – Thumper [2002 Hotwax Traxx].wav
Colours EP 2 – White.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs  – Funk Me.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs  – Meltdown.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs  – The Loop.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – 2001.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – Casino.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – Countdown.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – Escape From New York.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – Hypnotise (Unreleased).wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – Impact.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – Show Me.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – Superfreak.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – Twister.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – We Like The Music.wav
Dusty Bling – Jericho.wav
Dusty Bling – Lets Go!.wav
Dusty Bling – Milkshaker.wav
Dusty Bling – Muzik.wav
Dusty Bling – Party Starter.wav
Dusty Bling – You Want Me, Don’t You? .wav
Dutch Courage  – Horizon.wav
Dutch Courage  – The World (That Mucho Mix).wav
Dutch Courage – Slammin’ (Alibee and Voi Remix).wav
Dutch Courage – Slammin’ (Flash Harry Remix).wav
Dutch Courage – The World (DJ PAIN Remix).wav
Dutch Courage – The World (Flash Harry ‘Retro’ Mix).wav
Energy Syndicate & Bulletproof – Everyday.wav
Energy Syndicate & Flash Harry – Disko Dirt.wav
Flash Harry – Give up the Funk (JP & Jukesy Remix).wav
Flash Harry – Give Up The Funk (Mac Zimms Mix).wav
Flash Harry – Give up the Funk.wav
Flash Harry – Just Cummin’ (Ideal DJ Mash Tool).wav
Flash Harry – Nightwatch (Unreleased).wav
Flash Harry – Time To Rock (1st White Label Release) 1998.wav
Flash Harry & BK – Looking For You.wav
Flash Harry & BK – Pissed Disco.wav
Flash Harry & Ivor Semi – Something About You.wav
Flash Harry vs Kris O’Rourke – Get Dirty (DJ Tool).wav
Flash Harry vs Lox & Leigh Green – Dancin’ Naked (Jon BW remix).wav
Flash Harry vs Lox & Leigh Green – Dancin’ Naked (Original Mix).wav
Flash Harry vs Lox & Leigh Green – Everybody (feat Niki Mak) (Dave Owens Mix).wav
Flash Harry vs Lox & Leigh Green – Everybody (feat Niki Mak) (Original Mix).wav
Flash Harry vs Lox & Leigh Green – Everybody (feat Niki Mak) (Original Version, Demo).wav
Flash Harry vs Lox & Leigh Green – Everybody (feat Niki Mak) (Rodi Style Mix).wav
Flash Headz – Free Your Mind.wav
Flash Headz – Promised Land.wav
Flash Headz – Rocks!.wav
Flash Headz – The Warning.wav
Flash Headz – Who Lives or Who Dies.wav
Flash Headz – Who Wins (Ilogik Remix).wav
Flash Headz – Who Wins (McRae vs Ficante Remix).wav
Flash Headz – Who Wins (Original Mix).wav
Flash Headz – Wizards Of The Sonic.wav
Kodak – Night Train (Paul Chambers & Jon Langford).wav
Lee Haslam – I Need You!.wav

AMP – Believe In Me (Bulletproof Mix) Serious Recs 1998.wav
Annlee – 2 Times (Bulletproof Euro Mix).wav
Annlee – Voices (Bulletproof Disco Dub).wav
Annlee – Voices (Bulletproof Vocal Mix).wav
Boccaccio Life – The Secret Wish (Bulletproof Mix) 1998.wav
Brainbashers – Do It Now (Hijackers Remix).wav
BRK3  – L3T Go! (Flashnikal Remix).wav
CyberDrive – Sparx! (Bulletproof Mix) .wav
Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Flash Harry Mix).wav
Degrees of Motion – Do You Want It Right Now? (Mastermix Debut Mix!) 1994.wav
DJ Conan – Essential Melodies (Bulletproof Mix) 1997.wav
DJ Pied Piper – Do You Really Like It? (Flash Harry Mix).wav
DJ Vortex and Arpa’s Dream – Incoming (Bulletproof Remix).wav
DJ Weichei – The Fly (Phunk Masters Dub).wav
Dutch Courage – The World (DJ Pain Remix).wav
Dyewitness – What Would You Like to Hear Again Dancefloor Glory Mix .wav
Freak Machine – Fantasy (Flash Harry Remix).wav
FunkShun Ft Kenny Thomas – Feels Good (Bulletproof Mix) 1998.wav
Gotta Be Good (Bulletproof Mix) 1997.wav
Handbaggers – U Found Out (Paul Chambers House Mix).wav
Haziza – One More (Flash Harry Remix).wav
Heaven’s Cry – Flash Harry’s One For The Girls Disco Mash.wav
Heaven’s Cry – Til Tears Do Us Part (Flash Harry Remix).wav
Heavens Cry vs Loops & Tings (Flash Harry EXCLUSIVE Bootleg MIX).wav
Hyperlogic – Only Me (Flash Mash Disco Tool).wav
Ingo – Like This (Bulletproof Mix).wav
Ingo – Repeat (Bulletproof Mix).wav
Janice Robinson – I will Believe (Bulletproof Mix) 1997.wav
Journeyman DJ – Can You Dig It? (Bulletproof Dirty Dub).wav
Kadoc  – Clap Your Hands (Bulletproof Mix) 1998.wav
Lennie Di Ice – We Are IE (Bulletproof Bangin’ Mix) 1998.wav
Lox & Leigh Green – Divalution – Flash Harry Mix.wav
M3 – Hyperlogic – U Got The Love (Bulletproofs Sabotage Remix).wav
Miss Behavin’ – Such A Good Feelin’ (Flash Harry Remix).wav
Movers & Shakers – Ride On Time (Flash Harry Mix).wav
Mr Mister & Danny Phillips – Tasered in Tesco (Finally) – (Dusty Bling Mix).wav
NamDam – Fruits (Bulletproof Edit) Serious Recs 1999.wav
NamDam – Fruits (Bulletproof Trance Mix) Serious Recs 1999.wav
NG Rezonance & PHD – Worlds Collide – Flash Disposable Disco Dub.wav
Ninth Planet – About Time (Bulletproof Mix) 1998.wav
Paul Maddox – Feelin94 (Flash Harry 2001 Retro Mix).wav
Revcon FX – Funky Beats (Untidy Disco Dub).wav
Ross Homson – Little Miss Liability (Flash Harry Dirty Disco Dub) (Digital Cohesion).wav
S-Ence – Free (Bulletproof NRG Mix).wav
Shrink – Nervous Breakdown (Bulletproof Mix) 1998.wav
Shrink – Wicked! (Bulletproof Club Mix) 1999.wav
Simone Angel – These Boots… (House Mix)  MTV 1997.wav
Slammer – Do You Wanna Funk (Sabotage Club Mix).wav
Slammer – Do You Wanna Funk (Sabotage Zombie Mix).wav
Slammer – Do you Wanna Funk?  (Sabotage Hard Mix).wav
Slammer – Do you Wanna Funk? (Sabotage Zombie Mix).wav
Smokin’ Bert Cooper – Addicted (Bulletproof remix).wav
Southwest Six Ft Young MC – Bustin’ Loose (Bulletproofs Rollerdisco Mix) 1998.wav
Sparkle – Bring It Back to Love (Phunk Masters Dub) .wav
Stimulator – Scream (Flash Harry Remix).wav
Sunshine After the Rain (Flash Harry Mix).wav
Tangent – Movin’ House (Bulletproof Mix).wav
Tecmania Rebel – Circus Beat (Bulletproof Remix).wav
The Crow – What Ya Lookin’ At (Bulletproof Remix).wav
ThrillSeekers – 36 Weeks (Bulletproof Mix) 1999.wav
Titchy Bitch & Fallen Angel – Brainstorm (Bulletproof Remix).wav
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (Bulletproof Remix).wav
Topazz – The New Millennium (Bulletproof Vocal Mix) 1998.wav
+ more previously unavailable tracks!

Flash Harry’s Orchestral Masterpiece
Sad Harry’s Piano Concerto
Flash Harry’s Flashnikal Intro – Ideal 1st Birthday Main Arena Set
Paul demo – Sad Classical – Wizards1.mp3
Paul Wizards demo SOLO Piano.mp3
Paul Wizards SOLO Piano Hi String 128k MP3.mp3
Stimulator  – Sad Classical – Tidy25 ad.mp3
TDV20 – 99th Floor Elevators – Hooked – GUIDE.mp3
TDV20 – I Don’t Care – Quartet Demo – GUIDE.mp3
TDV20 – Quartet – The Dawn2 – GUIDE.mp3
TDV20 Demo Guide – Live Quartet Medley.mp3
Paul – TDV20 Finished Ad – Tidy Classical – MASTER.wav
Paul Bodyrock Solo Piano.wav
Paul Wizards Piano + Hi String TW25.wav
TDV the Dawn solo Piano.wav
Tidy Chill – JX – Restless (Flash Harry’s Late Night Interpretation).wav
Tony De-Vit Piano Tribute – Flash Harry.wav

Comedy Radio Jingles:
TDV – The Dawn theatre organ.mp3
Coming on Strong.wav
Flash Strums His Strings.wav

DJ Sets:
Cor Blimey, Its Flash Harry Album Mixes x 2
Dutch Courage House EDM DJ Mix.mp3
Flash Harry – Management 30 Guest Min 2014 Mix.mp3
Flash Harry 60 min Guest Mix NE1 FM Radio Show.mp3
Flash Harry In An Ideal World CD Release – Mix SAMPLER.mp3
Flash Harry Likes it HARD MIX.mp3
Flash Harry’s Bouncey DJ Mix.mp3
Flash Harry’s Disco Guest Mix – RejuveRadio – Marc Wilkie.mp3
Flash Harry’s Disposable Disco Mix – IDEAL Weekender Queen Vic Set..mp3
Flash Harry’s Flashback Mix – Tidy XX Album SAMPLER.mp3
Flash Harry’s French Disposable Disco Mix Vol 2.mp3
Flash Harry’s Hard Trance Mix.mp3
Flash Harry’s Ideal Weekender1 Main Arena.mp3
Flash Harry’s Pompey Parade! VIP Guest CD Mix.mp3
Flash Harry’s Slinky Disco Funk O2 Mix 2012.mp3
Flash Harry’s Stramash Radio Guest Mix.mp3
Flash Harry’s Tidy Newquay – “Flashback” Mix.mp3
Flash Harry’s Tidy20 Live DJ Set Mix.mp3
Flash Harry’s Tidy21 Weekender (Rave Night) Mix.mp3
Flash Harry’s Untidy Disco Guest Mix for Sam Townend Radio Show.mp3
Flash Harry’s Send Nudes Podcast – Guest Mini-Mix.wav