Fifty Shades Of Leigh Green (USB)


Welcome to an exciting brand new album series featuring some of the finest hard house producers of our time. We are kicking off with “Fifty Shades Shades of Leigh Green”.
Many of you might not be aware of all Leigh’s works, however he has been producing for over twenty years. Trust us, you have heard these great tracks out on many dance floors.


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This album contains fifty tracks spread over two mixes. Its fast-flying and full of some of the finest hard house you will ever hear. From originally produced material to sought after remixes of artists such as Tony De Vit, Rob Tissera, Flash Harry, Ben Stevens, Anne Savage, Cally Gage and so many more. The mix is packed with some hidden gems too.

The USB contains all fifty of the tracks on the mixes, plus some bonus bits including Lox & Leigh Green’s set from the Ideal Weekender in 2013.


01 Stone Cold “Rock The Disco” (Lox & Leigh Green Dub)
02 Tony De Vit “Bring The Beat Back” (Leigh Green Unreleased Dirty Dub)
03 Simon Parkes “Heaven Sent” (Lox & Leigh Green Remix)
04 Dilemma “Got To Love It”
05 DOAF “Muppet Mouse” (Lox & Leigh Green DWYC Dub)
06 Digital Mafia & Leigh Green “Why Not”
07 Cally Gage vs Lox & Leigh Green “Jumpin N Bumpin”
08 Lox & Leigh Green “Pressure”
09 Ben Stevens vs Lox & Leigh Green “Groove Pool”
10 Audox & Ivor Semi “I Want Your Love”
11 Audox & Leigh Green “Ascension”
12 Flash Harry vs Lox & Leigh Green “Dancin’ Naked”
13 Lox & Leigh Green “Divalution”
14 Cally Gage & Energy Syndicate “Music Is My Life” (Lox & Leigh Green DWYC Remix)
15 Flash Harry vs Lox & Leigh Green feat Niki Mak “Everybody”
16 Dyewitness “What Would You Like To Hear Again?” (Ivor Semi & KP Remix)
17 Lox & Leigh Green “Get Down”
18 Ivor Semi & Flash Harry “Something About You”
19 Krushgroove “The Origin” (Lox & Leigh Green DWYC Dub)
20 Rob Tissera “Gonna Be Alright” (Dilemma Dub)
21 Slam Dunk Phunketeers “Minger”
22 Rob Cain – Back To The Disco (Leigh Green Remix)
23 Lox & Leigh Green “Just Get Loose”
24 Yummy Tunes Volume 7 “Pits + Creases”
25 Dark By Design vs L-E-V8 & Leigh Green “Untitled Project”

01 Perfect Poise “Never Be Apart” (DWYC Dub)
02 Tony De Vit “Don’t Ever Stop” (Digital Mafia & Dilemma Remix)
03 Audox & Leigh Green “Higher State”
04 Dark By Design vs L-E-V8 & Leigh Green “Vitamin-E”
05 Leigh Green “Getting Hot”
06 Back2it Brothers “Unreal”
07 Leigh Green & Kid Rich “C’Mon”
08 Anne Savage vs Lox & Leigh Green “Deeper Love”
09 Leigh Green & Joe Longbottom “My Beat”
10 Tony De Vit “I Don’t Care” (Steve O’Brady & Leigh Green MC5 Mash-Up)
11 Yummy Tunes Volume 8 “Circus Meat”
12 Scruffy & Jeff “Now We’re Cookin’”
13 Tony De Vit “Get Loose” (Leigh Green Remix)
14 Toryn D, The Coalition and DWYC “Substitute Reality”
15 Audox & Leigh Green “Take Me Higher”
16 Cally Gage vs Lox & Leigh Green “Joy”
17 Oliver Cattley & Leigh Green “Gronkboard”
18 Ivor Semi “Diskobiskit”
19 Lox & Leigh Green “The Radical”
20 Sam Townend & Audio Punk “Detonate” (Lox & Leigh Green Remix)
21 Ben Stevens & Leigh Green “You Bitch!”
22 Dark Society “I Got The Music” (Lox & Leigh Green Remix)
23 Heaven’s Cry “Til Tears Do Us Part” (Lox & Leigh Green HWC Bootleg)
24 Dark Society “Show Me The Way” (Lox & Leigh Green Remix)
25 Leigh Green “Love No More”

As well as these mixes – ALL TRACKS featured individually in WAV & MP3 format
Plus Bonus Mixes – Lox & Leigh Green Live at the Ideal Weekender & 2 x DWYC Promo Mixes.