The Weekender Experience USB Vol 3


The Tidy Weekenders are the biggest Harder House events in the clubbing calendar and now you can look back at all the amazing moments with our new ‘Weekender Experience’ USB series.

This 64gb USB drive is jam packed with 20 mixes, and video footage from some of the best parties Tidy have ever thrown! Also includes are 162 full length DJ friendly single tracks.

This product is part of our new Tidy Limited Edition Series. It comes in a metal tin with a Tidy branded USB stick

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DJ Mixes:
Something For The Weekend TW3 – The Tidy Boys
Tidy Christmas Weekender Live – Andy Farley
Tidy Christmas Weekender Live – Rob Tissera
Tidy Weekender 7 – Tidy Boys
Tidy Weekender 9 – Lisa Pin-Up
Tidy Weekender 11 – Amber D
Tidy Weekender 14 – Ben Stevens
Tidy Weekender 14 – BK
Tidy Weekender 15 – Kutski
Tidy Weekender Anthems (Disc 1)
Tidy Weekender Anthems (Disc 2)
Tidy Weekender Reunion – Live! – Rodi Style
Tidy Weekender Reunion 2011 Mix – Rob Tissera
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Ben Vennard
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Craig McLellend
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – DJ Lolly
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – GSR
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Joe Longbottom
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Lewis Adam
Wild Wild West Weekender 8 – Tara Reynolds

Single Tracks:
12 Inch Thumpers – Don’t Cross The Line (Amber D Remix)
12 Inch Thumpers – Don’t Cross The Line
12 Inch Thumpers – The Tumbler (Ilogik Remix)
99th Floor Elevators – Hooked (BK’s GoHard Remix)
Abandon – The Underground
Alex Kidd & Organ Donors – Music
Amber D – I Got a Feelin (Ben Stevens Remix)
Amber D – I Got A Feelin’
Amber D – Kiss N Tell
Andy Farley – Dutty Diana
Andy Farley & Base Graffiti – Bass Vibration (Ross Homson Remix)
Andy Farley & Base Graffiti – The Jinx
Andy Whitby & Karlston Khaos – One Middle Finger
Andy Whitby & Technikal – Fresh Tactics
Anne Savage – Four Leaf Clover
Anne Savage & Scott Attrill – Stabs N Tings
Base Graffiti – Kikka
Baseglitz – Love
Beat Jammers – Beat Inc
Beat Jammers – Pump Inc
Ben Kaye – Constitution
Ben Kaye – Go Fuck Yourself
Ben Stevens – Frequency Response
Ben Stevens & Adam M – Mind Bender
Ben Stevens & Bryn Doyle – Chinook (Marc Johnson Remix)
Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox – Gravity
Ben Stevens vs Damage & Narkotique – Better Watch Out
Benedict Brothers – Honey Child (Paul Maddox 08 Remix)
Billy Daniel Bunter & Jon Doe – Slammin
BK – Always
BK – Dreams (Hard Mix)
BK – It’s Just A Feeling (BK’s Back To ’99 Mix)
BK & Ilogik – Real Life (Maddox & Townend Remix)
BK & Lee Haslam – Sticks & Stoned
BK & Nick Sentience – XL
BK & Vinylgroover – Dirtbox
Breather – Come On (Euphony Remix)
Breather – Come On (Prime Mover Remix)
BRK3 – L3T G0 (Flashnikal Remix)
Bulletproof – Say Yeah
Cally Gage & Gammer – Make Ya Freak (Technikal Remix)
Captain Tinrib & Sol Ray – Attack Of The 50ft DJ
Carl Nicholson & Ben Kaye – I Can’t Stop
Champion Burns – Hell’s Reign
Chris Hoff – What Would We Do
Colin Barratt – Take Me Back
Committee – Welcome (I Said Shut Up) (Paul Janes ‘Through The K Hole’ Remix)
Cortina – Higher (BK Mix)
Cortina – Music Is Moving (Bk & Dbm Amber Mix)
Dark Society – Show Me The Way (Lox & Leigh Green Remix)
Dave Curtis – Up To No Good
Dave Owens – Output 1-2
Daves Project – This Is Tidy (Part 1)
Dean Rooker & Millsy – Live For The Weekend
Defective Audio – Bad Guy Smoked
Defective Audio – Get Yeah
Defective Audio – Intoxicating
DJ Derkin – Take Me
DJ Vortex & Arpa’s Dream – Incoming (Beam Vs Cyrus Remix) copy
DJ Vortex & Arpa’s Dream – Incoming (Beam Vs Cyrus Remix)
Dustbin Barrell – The 8th Tamale
Elle – Mind Twister
Expander – Supafly
Flash Headz – Wizards Of The Sonic
Fruit Machine – 2p A Go
Fruit Machine – You’re Fired
Gaz F & DKD – Was She Needed
Gridlock 3000 – Fantastic Thing (UK Gold Remix)
Guyver – Persistence
Guyver – Serious Sound
Haziza – One More (Smokin’ Bert Cooper Remix)
Heaven’s Cry – Til Tears Do Us Part (Flash Harry Remix)
Heavens Die
Hilly – Reheated
Hyerlogic – Only Me (Stimulant DJs Remix)
Ian M – Crank
Ian M – Dreamer
Ingo – Ready 4 Dis
Jez & Charlie – It’s About Music
Jon Bishop – Stalker (Hoodlums Remix)
Jon BW – Everybody Freak
JP & Jukesy – K-Tell
Justin Bourne & Dynamic Intervention – Catapult
K-Series (K8) – Sanctuary
K-Series vs Technikal – Closer
Kronos – Illusion (GSR Remix)
Kym Ayres & Technikal – More & More
Lee Haslam – Your Serve
Lee Pasch – Emotion
Lee Pasch – Hybridize
Lee Pasch – Rock The Beat
Legend B – Lost In Love (Paul Janes Remix)
Lisa Lashes – Lashed Track (Paul Glazby Remix)
Lisa Lashes – Lookin’ Good
Lisa Pin Up – Rock With Me
Lucy Fur – Shake It Up
M.A.Q – Groove, Stop, Jump
M9 – UK Gold – Cuz The House Gets Warm (Tidy Boys Remix)
Maddox & Rumble – Party People
Maddox & Rumble – Party People (Superfast Oz Remix)
Mike Taylor – Beef Kung Pow
Miss Behavin – Such A Good Feeling (The Freak Brothers Remix)
Munkjack – Hot Tamale (Paul Maddox Remix) 2
Munkjack – Hot Tamale (Paul Maddox Remix)
Neal Thomas – The Virus
Nik Denton & Ben Stevens – Piano Factor
NRG – Never Lost His Hardcore (Paul Maddox Remix)
Omega 3 – Manta 3
Organ Donors – Turntablism
Pants & Corset – Malice In Wonderland (Casey F Remix)
Paul Glaby & Paul Maddox – Stranger Things
Paul Glazby – I Need To Know
Paul Glazby – Kick It
Paul Glazby – Rough N Tough (Adam M Remix)
Paul Maddox – Tension (Vicious Mix)
Paul Maddox & Ingo – Reactor (Ingo Remix)
Paul Maddox Feat Niki Mac – Reach Out (Lee Pasch Remix)
Paul Maddox Feat Niki Mac – Reach Out
Riot Brothers – My Star Control
Rob Tissera & Nathan D’Amour – Bring The Lights Down (Rob Tissera & Ozzy 2013 Remix)
Rob Tissera, Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Stay (Stay Harder Mix)
Robbie Muir – Body Rock
Robbie Muir – Immuir
RR Fierce – Neurone X
RR Fierce & K-Live – Yamamba
Rundell & Maddox – So Long
Scott Attrill – Adapter
Scott Attrill – More Power
Sebanelli & Oddbod – Your Ass Is Mine
Serotonin Soul – Need U 2 Feel
Signum – Coming On Strong (S.H.O.K.K Remix)
Smokin Bert Cooper – Getting Warm
Steve Hill v Technikal – Adagio For Strings (K-Series Mix)
Steve Morley – Sacrifice (Lee Haslam Remix)
Stimulant DJ’s – Hoovertime
Stimulator – Play
Stimulator – Take Off
Tangent – Movin House (Bulletproof Remix)
Tara Reynolds – Mercy
Technikal – Rollcage
Technikal – Ssst Listen
Technikal – Teardrops (Technikal & Discam Remix)
Technikal & Cally Gage – Gonna Love Me
Technikal & Max Mozart feat Farisha – Live Again
Technikal Presents Carl Nicholson – System Shock
Technikal Presents Pierre Pienaar – Global Panic
Technikal vs MDA & Spherical – Supersonic
The Edison Factor & Dean Peters – The Beginning (BK Remix)
The Establishment – Funky Music (Brain Bashers Remix)
The Freak – The Bells
The Freak – The Melody The Sound
The Riot Brothers – Flashback
The Trip Advisors Ben Stevens – Big Boss
Tidy Boys & Technikal – The Danger
Tony De Vit – Splashdown
Trauma Vs Ian M – Deep Swarm
Travel – Bulgarian (Paul Maddox Remix)
Untidy Dubs – Funky Groove (Flash Harry Remix)
Valex & Andy Farley – Dr. Dot
Vinylgroover & The Organ Donors – Big Fun (Original Remix)
Vinylgroover & The Red Head – Don’t You Want Me (Force Mix)