The Secret Vinyl Album – The Collection (USB)


One of our favourite album series is back – The Tidy Boys Secret Vinyl album!

This Collection USB includes the mixes from all four volumes of the series from The Tidy Boys, Andy Farley, Ben Stevens, Defective Audio & Johnny Dangerous.

The USB also includes 85 full length single tracks from the three compilations in the series.

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Mixes Included:
Secret Vinyl Album Vol 1 – Mixed by The Tidy Boys
Secret Vinyl Album Vol 1 – Mixed by Andy Farley
Secret Vinyl Album Vol 2 – Mixed by The Tidy Boys
Secret Vinyl Album Vol 2 – Mixed by Ben Stevens
Secret Vinyl Album Vol 3 – Mixed by The Tidy Boys
Secret Vinyl Album Vol 3 – Mixed by Defective Audio
Secret Vinyl Album Vol 4 – Mixed by The Tidy Boys
Secret Vinyl Album Vol 4 – Mixed by Johnny Dangerous

200 Degrees – Hellfire (BK’s Original 1999 Remix)
Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood – I’ll Take You There
Andy Farley – Aspirations
Andy Farley – Destroy The Sound
Andy Farley – Out Of Control
Andy farley – Stop Rocking (Knuckleheadz Mix)
Anthony Atcherley – In My House (Knuckleheadz Remix)
Baby Doc & SJ – What You Do To Me (Paul Maddox Remix)
Base Graffiti – Kikka
Base Graffiti – La Crunch (Part 2)
Base Graffiti – The Station Blows Up
Beckers – Switch (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed Remix)
Ben Stevens – Crowd Rocker
BK – Playing With Knives (Original Mix)
Brain Bashers – Feel The Rush (BK’s Nukleuz Remix)
Brain Bashers V Johnny Dangerous – Get Wicked (Mutha Mix)
Bulletproof – Mistakes (Knuckleheadz Remix)
Carl Nicholson & James Lawson – Times Like These (Original Mix)
Chopper – Here Comes The Music (Untidy Dub)
Chopper – Joe & Lisa (Untidy Dub)
Chric C – Freefall (Beatniqz Remix)
Chris C – Get On The Floor (Dynamic Intervention Remix)
Chris C & Jon Doe – Masquerade
Chunk Brothers – Drop This Like a Boulder
Colin Barratt – Out Of Control
Colin Barratt – Take Me Back
Dave Holmes – Samsara (Steve Morley Remix)
Defective Audio – ASBO
Defective Audio – Bad Guy Smoked
Defective Audio – Slingshot
Defective Audio & Ed Real – Dub War
Devective Audio vs The Knuckleheadz – Dj’s Ar Heros (Justin Bourne Remix)
Dirty Habit – Ready To Rock (Untidy Dub)
Diss-Cuss – Save The Day (Nik Denton Remix)
Dyewitness – What Would You Like To Hear Again (Ian M Trade Mix)
Equinox – Immure (Equinox Remix)
Eufex – Hit The Beat (Dynamic Intervention Remix)
Exit EEE – Epidemic (Edison Factor Remix)
F1 – Alright!
F1 – Recoil
Freak & Mac Zimms – Spin Me Wild
Guyver – Persistence
Guyver – Possibly
Ian M – Dreamer
Jody Osman & Chris C – A Little Something (Andy Farley Remix)
Jon BW – Alpha
Jon Doe – D4A
Jon Doe – D6A
K-Series – Papua New Guinea (K4)
K-Series – Sanctuary (K8)
K7 – Airwave
Knuckleheadz – House Rocca 2002
Knuckleheadz – Upfront
Knuckleheadz – You Can Feel It
Lee Jeffrey & Justin Bourne Drop The Dime (Original Mix)
Lemon 8 – Bells Of Revolution (Steve Thomas Remix)
M.A.Q – Groove, Stop, Jump
Max & Amino – Popowaba
Mr Bishi – (Tell Me) Toy Boy
Mr Bishi – (Throw Your) Hands In The Air
Mr Boursin & Tweek – Freaky Fukkas (UK Gold Remix)
Nick Rafferty – Can U Dig It (Houserockers Remix)
Nick Rafferty Vs PBS – Groovin’ (Jez & Charlie Remix)
Nick Rowland – Be Alive
Nick Rowland – Fireball
Nik Denton – Keep Rockin On
Nylon – If You Love Me (Kumara Mix)
OD404 – You Aint Winnin
Paul Glazby – Beautiful (OD404 Remix)
Paul King – Kick It In (Ben Stevens Remix)
Paul Maddox – Tension (Vicious Mix)
Perfect Phase – Slammer Jammer
Phatt B – And Da Drum Machine (BK Remix)
Prime Mover – Perfect Organism
Psyclone – Good Side (Andy Farley Remix)
Tara Reynolds – Mercy
Terrance And Phillip – Red Alert
The Edison Factor – Hallucination (2005 ReRub)
The Experts – Take You There
The Sharp Boys – Keep On Livin’
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (Leigh Green & Steve O’Brady Remix)
Travel – Bulgarian (Paul Maddox Remix)
Untidy Dubs – Can’t You See
Untidy presents – Blue
Valex – Better Unknown (Ilogik & Paul Janes Remix)