Tidy Annuals: The Complete Collection


The Annuals series from Tidy are some of our most loved compilations and now you can own them all on one amazing USB

Tidy Annuals – The Complete Collection is a 64GB USB featuring 15 DJ mixes and over 130 full length single tracks!

This product is part of our new Tidy Limited Edition Series. It comes in a metal tin with a Tidy branded USB stick

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The Tidy Boys Annual (Disc 1) – The Tidy Boys
The Tidy Boys Annual (Disc 2) – The Tidy Boys
The Tidy Girls Annual – Lisa Lashes
The Tidy Girls Annual – Anne Savage
Tidy F.C. Annual – First Half
Tidy F.C. Annual – Second Half
The Tidy Boys Annual Summer Seaside Special (Disc 1)
The Tidy Boys Annual Summer Seaside Special (Disc 2)
Tidy TV Annual (Channel A) – The Tidy Boys
Tidy TV Annual (Channel B) – The Tidy Boys
Confessions Of The Tidy Boys Annual (Mix 1) – The Tidy Boys
Confessions Of The Tidy Boys Annual (Mix 2) – The Tidy Boys
Confessions Of The Tidy Boys Annual – Tidy Boys Big Night Out – Slinky, Bournemouth
The Tidy Lockdown Annual (Disc 1)
The Tidy Lockdown Annual (Disc 2)
The Tidy Lockdown Annual – Discam’s Tidy 25 Mix

Adam Dixon – Tomorrow (Original Mix)
Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood – Devestation (Original Mix)
Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood – Just Listen (Original Mix)
Andy Farley – Out Of Control (Avis Van Rental Remix)
Andy Naylor & Hayley Colleen – Your Energy (Original Mix)
Anne Savage – Real Freaks (The Hoodlums All Freaked Out Remix)
Anne Savage vs Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Intoxicating Rhythm (Original Mix)
Barely Legal – The Future (Ingo Remix)
Bass Grafitti – Bass EP (Part 2) (Original Mix)
Bass Jumper – Underground Sound (Original Mix)
Ben Kaye vs Deeprose & Thompson – I’m The DJ (Original Mix)
Ben Stevens – Take Me Back (Original Mix)
Ben Stevens – Take Me Back (Sam Townend Remix)
Billy Daniel Bunter & A Project – Can’t Wait
Billy Daniel Bunter & Jon Doe – Slammin (Original Mix)
BK – Insane (Original Mix)
BK & Ed Real – A Little Love (Original Mix)
Breather – Come On (Prime Mover Remix)
Bryn Whiting – You Are Still Alive (Nicholson Remix)
Bryn Whiting – You Are Still Alive (Original Mix)
Bulletproof – Wanna Hear Ya (Original Mix)
Bulletproof – Zero Tolerance (Original Mix)
Bush Babies – Delicious (BK’s 9am @ Turmills remix )
Champion Burns – It’s In My Head (Original Mix)
Chris C – Freefall (Stimulant DJs Remix)
Colin Barratt – Expect The Unexpected (Original Mix)
Colin Barratt – F.U.N.K (Original Mix)
Colin Barratt – Let It Rip (Original Mix)
Colin Barratt – Out Of Time (Original Mix)
Colin Barratt – Side Effects
D & A – Demons (Spacecorn Remix)
Dave Holmes – Devotion (Charlie Bosh & Jamie R Bounce Remix)
Dave Holmes – Devotion (Original Mix)
Digital Mafia & JLF – Doin_ That (Energy)(Original Mix)
Digital Mafia & Mike Taylor – Rave To The Grave (Original Mix)
Disposable Disco Dubs – Chatline (Original Mix)
DJ Vortex & Arpa’s Dream – Incoming (Arome Remix)
E-Trax – Let’s Rock (BK’s Nukleuz Remix)
E-Wok – Go Back (Mr Bishi Remix)
E-Wok – Go Back (Original Mix)
E-Wok – Go Back (Trauma Remix)
Eamonn Fevah & NUROGL – Inside of Me (Original Mix)
Ed Real & Coalition – 20,000 Hardcore Members (Original Mix)
Gaz West – Playing With Fire (Original Mix)
Groove Collector – Mosquito (Original Mix)
Guyver – Possibly (Original Mix)
Guyver Meets Andy Farley – Paradox (Original Mix)
Hayley Colleen & Leigh Green – Together (Original Mix)
Haziza – One More (Flash Harry Remix)
Incisions – I’m The One (Kronos Mix)
Ingo – Bless You (Original Mix)
Ingo – Boom (Original Mix)
Ingo – Like This (Bulletproof Mix)
Ingo – My House (Original Mix)
Ingo – StrobeLight (Original Mix)
James Revill – Belgium Durt (Original Mix)
Jas Van Houten – Square 1 (Original Mix)
Jez & Charlie – Razors Edge (Original Mix)
Jez & Charlie feat DJ Emile – It’s About Music (Original Mix)
Jon Bishop – I’m In Control (Original Mix)
Jon Bishop – Stalker (Original Mix)
K-Series – Binary Finary (K2) (Original Mix)
K-Series – Punk’d (K6)
Knuckleheadz – You Can Feel It (Original Mix)
Lab4 – Candyman (Guyver Remix)
Lee Haslam – Here Comes The Pain (Original Mix)
Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug (Nick Sentience R11 Remix)
Lee Haslam – The Power (Original Mix)
Lee Haslam – Your Serve (Original Mix)
Lee Pasch – Bass Playaz (Original Mix)
Lee Pasch – Emotion (Original Mix)
Lisa Lashes – Unbelievable (Original Mix)
Lisa Lashes – What Can You Do For Me (Tidy Boys Remix)
Marc Lewis – Out Of Body Experience (Ben Stevens Remix)
Max Mozart & Lia B – Runnin (Original Mix)
Neutron Tom – Funky Shit (Mr Bishi Remix)
NG Rezonance – Thermite 2021 (Original Mix)
NG Rezonance & PHD – Acid Drop (Original Mix)
NG Rezonance & PHD feat Hayley Colleen – Worlds Collide (Signum’s Flashback Remix)
NG Rezonance & PHD feat Hayley Colleen – Worlds Collide (Stimulant DJs Remix)
Nicholson – Chainsaw (Townend_s Chainsaw Massacre Remix – D14) – Tidy Trax
Nicholson – Sunstroke (Original Mix)
Nicholson & Paul Skelton – Serenity (Original Mix)
Nicholson & Quake – Life’s A Dream (Original Mix)
Nicholson vs Jens – Loops & Tings 2020
Nick Rafferty – I Need A Fix (Velos Remix)
Nick Rafferty & PBS – Groovin (Ben Stevens Remix)
Nick Rafferty & PBS – Groovin’ (Jez & Charlie Remix)
Nick Rafferty & The Coalition – Shine (Original Mix)
Nick Rowland – Overdrive (Original Mix)
Nik Denton Vs Paul KIng – Spacehopper (Overload’s Shaking Cubicle Mix)
NR2 – Freedom
OD404 – 9 Bar (BK’s DbM & Amber Remix)
OD404 – 9 Bar (Dark By Design Remix)
Paul Glazby – Beautiful (Original Mix)
Paul Glazby – I’m Your Nightmare (Original Mix)
Paul Glazby & Dynamic Intervention – Locked Up (Original Mix)
Paul Maddox – Revolution (Original Mix)
Paul Maddox – Slightly Mad (Original Mix)
Perfect Phase – Slammer Jammer (Original Mix)
Pluto & Digital Mafia – Mrs Flash
Psyclone – Good Side (Guyver Remix)
Riot Brothers – Ripped Out (Original Mix)
Rob Tissera & Paul Priestley – Aspirations (Original Mix)
Rob Tissera, Vinylgroover _ The Red Hed – Stay (Stay Harder Mix)
RR Fierce & K-Live – Yamamba (Original Mix)
Sam Townend – Holy Geezus (Original Mix)
Sam Townend – What Time Is Love_ (Original Mix)
Satellite Kidz – Time 4 House (Original Mix)
Starquake – Hold Me Hostage (Original Mix)
Steve Hill – My Lovin’ (Guyver Mix)
Steve Hill & Technikal – Smash The Speakers (Original Mix)
Stimulant DJ’s – No Other (Tidy Boys Mix)
Stimulator – Play (Original Mix)
SystemShock & Bryn Whiting – Never Surrender (Original Mix)
Technikal – Closer (Original Mix)
The Crow – What Ya Lookin’ At (Bulletproof Remix)
The Crow – What Ya Lookin’ At (Lisa Lashes and Anne Savage Vs Ingo Remix)
The Freak – The Bells (Original Mix)
The Tidy Boys – Pump It Up (Original Mix)
Tidy DJs & Jon BW – Release Me
Tony De Vit – Give Me The Reason (Guyver Mix)
Tony De Vit – The Dawn (Dark By Design Remix)
Triple J – Deep House (Untidy Dub Mix)
Untidy Dubs – Celebrate
Untidy presents – Orange (Original Mix)
Untidy presents – White (Original Mix)
Vinylgroover & Red Head pres Bam Bam & Pebbles – The Answer (Original Mix)
Wid & Ben – P01nt Blank (Original Mix)
Will Shepherd & Lee Mills – Fk God (Original Mix)