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Yusef Kifah – Energy (Feel What I’m Feeling) (TidyTwo)

Trance is such a universal sound but wherever it is created in the world it gives the same message of powerful, energetic music that often takes the listener on a journey. Tidytwo’s latest international signing is Yusef Kifah who hails from Malaysia. An established artist and producer in his own right he is also a supporter of the label.

Kifah has been producing since the age of thirteen and like our very own home grown Guyver, his choice of production software, or DAW as producers’ term them, is Fruity Loops. Being no stranger to producing huge trancers, Yusef has pulled out all the stops for this pandemic pounder!

It begins with quite a raw twisted riff then soon breaks down with a female vocal riding over the top as the energy once again builds up. This is a very original production and not your standard hard trance formulated tracks. There is some clever production trickery. The rule book has been thrown out of the window to produce this and its easy to see why Tidytwo snapped this up. It has more breakdowns than a bank holiday Monday on the M5.

The riffs are very tasty indeed and chop and change between various sounds, some melodic and some as rough as low-grade sandpaper which I guess is why this release is so appealing. Ut’s great to hear something fresh and innovative, especially when you think nothing more could be done. The beauty of hard trance is that it always breaks boundaries and will continue to do so and be innovative.

We certainly feel this Yusef!!!

Strweam or download this release: https://tidytwo.fanlink.to/EnergyFeel…

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