Untidy Tools Volume One
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Untidy Tools – Volume One (Untidy Trax)

The wait for this has been more anticipated than when the first Untidy Dubs release was announced decades ago. This time round it’s the next generation of producers to make their mark on Untidy Trax and boy do they deliver!

Ross Homson, Valpy & Origin Riddim. Josh Samuel and JMF provide the platters that matter and give you four individual bangers.

Homson’s’Vibe Check’ dooes just that, keeping the vibe in check with a dancefloor igniter with a catchy vocal and a nc Untidy bass stab. This is made even more powerful on a nice sound system.

‘Let Loose’ by JMF is a bass fuelled cut, made in that distictive Untidy style that we have all come to love over the decades. It is dark and deep and beefy enough to shake a dancefloor into submission.

Josh Samuel gives us a nice little bubbling beast in the form of ‘Twisted’. It’s the most uderground of all the tracks on the label and this is the track I feel will reach out far beyond the horizons of the tech house and tough house community. There’s something about the wetness of an acid bassline that makes it very appealing.

Valpy & Original Riddim’s Dubplatestyle is very rave influenced with some nice retro sounds used in the construction of the track. This oacks a real punch and the track is constantly building thanks to the cleverly produced synth sound which works well looped.

What you have here are four amazing tracks which up this first Untidy Tools EP. A sign of more to come which will be greatly welcomed by the label’s new following. 2022 will be the turning point year of Untidy Trax… watch this sapce!

This would make an incredible vinyl release. Untidy Trax is without a doubt the label that keeps on giving…

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