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Tidy TV launches on twitch!

Tidy Trax launches it’s second Tidy TV online platform via twitch!

Tidy TV wouldn’t be Tidy TV without the Weekender’s. From those crazy parties came the TV channel that would entertain clubber’s in their chalets pre and post party with random and obscure content courtesy of the creative mind of Amadeus Mozart, known to many as one half of the legenday Tidy Boys.

Earlier this year Tidy TV launched on YouTube as an outlet to promote the label’s releases both old and new, along with live streams and interviews featuring label artists.

Twitch is the next social media platform to host a Tidy TV channel where there will much more tailored content, live interactive shows and and all-round Tidy shenanigans! It launched with an exclusive 60 minute Andy Farkey live set.

An excited Amadeus Mozart told us, “Tidy TV was something we did way before the Youtube generation and were the first real random clubbing shows. We have always love creating media and have done for a long time. There are lots of platforms to choose from these days and I suppose we have been biding our time to get it right. Youtube and Facebook will always be our prime location outlets but we feel now that Twitch has come of age.”

He adds, “We were going originally launch Tidy TV shows on twitch back in 2015, when it first got traction, but we were not ready to commit to new shows as Tidy music output wasn’t high enough to warrent doing it back then. Now we have a lot of new music and artist to push, alongside our normal random banter so, it feels the right time for a Tidy twitch Channel.”

Visit Tidy Tv on twitch here.

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