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Tidy Treasures – ZAW

He may be the new kid on the block but Zachary Weiss, better known as ZAW, reveals his Tidy Treasure!

Compared to my other Tidy peers and colleagues, my knowledge of Tidy Trax is still very fresh and new as I break into the glorious, cultured, hard house and Tidy scene. It’s extremely fun for me to discover classic tracks that I consider ‘new’, due to the fact that this culture is storied throughout house’s history. As a DJ, finding tracks I think are new only to discover they were made before I was born is both rewarding and humbling.

My story starts with production courses and lessons from Michael Hooker who is from the Jersey Isles. He noticed my direction, sound, and production reminded him of hard house and his time in the hard house scene. He even booked The Tidy Boys, (formerly The Untidy DJs), for their first set at the club he was promoting called ‘The Venue’ for an event called ‘Out of this World’. Through Michael’s own experiences and knowledge of the hard house scene, he constantly showed me tracks from Tidy and the 90s — teaching me the history and culture of Tidy and hard house. This was exactly the music I wanted to make and I knew that I wanted to be signed to Tidy.

As a DJ it’s important to find music that none of my peers have heard. Sam Townend always says in his guest mixes, “Tidy has so many classic tracks it’s almost like finding new music all over again”.

One track that I always gravitate to, (and play a lot), is Hyperlogic – Only Me (Red Jerry ‘95 Remix). I was only 3 years old when this remix came out but it totally resonates with me. There’s just something about classic underground tracks that make me want to move more than what’s being produced today. The off beat organ and piano with the up-beat diva-esque vocals carry the whole track from beginning to end. This track makes me wish I was a 90s raver experiencing a Tidy show for my first time ever… which I emphatically am waiting for.

The part that really gets me excited, and wanting to dance, is when the vocalists repeat “I will love, I will love, I will love ONLY YOU.” As is with many Tidy tracks, the incorporation of a hard dance beat paired with vocals relating to the concept of ‘love’ will always get the boys and girls moving on the dance floor. There are hundreds of classic Tidy tracks that can be deemed a Tidy Treasure, but I feel that this track really captures the feeling and emotion of what Tidy is all about: unity, love, and moving together as one on the dance floor.

When I close my eyes and listen to this track, I imagine myself smack dab in the middle of Trade, surrounded by all of my Tidy family, dancing and singing to hard house music throughout the night. I wish I was able to experience that.

Listening to Hyperlogic, and all the other Tidy classics,  really inspires me to be a part of the culture I am quickly learning and immersing myself in. I pride myself on being one of the few American DJs honing in on this sound. I am constantly showing my friends all of these Tidy Treasures and they are all loving it! I am truly excited and honored to be signed to such an iconic brand as Tidy and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Download & Stream this release here: https://tidytrax.fanlink.to/OnlyMe

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