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Tidy Treasures – NG Rezonance

This week’s Tidy Treasure comes from NG Rezonance and it was a track that helped to forge a friendship…

I had always been a hardcore fan of Tidy Two since it launched. I loved the harder edged UK Hard Trance style that Guyver, Lee Haslam and Lee Pasch were pushing back in the early 2000’s.

In 2005 I was in HMV at Sauchihall Street in Glasgow having a look through the vinyl section on the hunt for some new Tidy Two tracks when I spotted a bright Yellow Vinyl sleeve with the Tidy logo on it. I thought it would probably be a Hard House single since it wasn’t on Tidy Two, but I picked it up anyway to have a listen to this new producer I had never heard of at the time calling himself Technikal and his friend Pierre Pienaar. As soon as the needle touched the vinyl, I knew I was going to be a life long fan of Technikal. I always had a surface level interest in producing, but this track motivated me to take it more seriously. This was the style of music I wanted to produce and release on Tidy one day.

Fast forward to 2008, I was living in the south of England and found out that Alf (Technikal) only lived half an hour away from me. We got chatting and I told him how I was a big fan and how much I loved Global Panic. We arranged a studio session, I took the day off work and caught a train down to where he lived. Neither of us could drive at the time so Alf met me at the station and walked me back to his house. After that studio session, Alf loaded my usb stick with softsynth presets and samples to practice what I had learned from him.

Alf then moved to the same town where I lived which meant he was only a 5 minute drive away, so I booked studio time with him every opportunity I had so I could learn and develop my sound.

Before Alf moved to Australia, he was playing Global Panic at Tidy Brighton. I was slightly inebriated, so when I heard that instantly recognisable kick and bass, I got a bit excited, jumped on stage, shook Alfs hand then stepped back only to completely fall of the stage in front of the whole club.

Put simply, without Global Panic I wouldn’t have met Technikal, and without Technikal there would be no NG Rezonance,

Download & Stream this release here:

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