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Tidy Treasures – Mobi D

This week it is the turn of the Thumpin’ Mobi D to deliver his memory immortalised by music in the Tidy Treasures series…

For me there has been so many great anthems released on Tidy but I will never forget the first time I heard Signum ‘What Ya Got 4 Me’.

The year was 1998, and things were really starting to kick off for me with my DJing. I’d started a club night in Cambridge called Immersed, as a way to book big London DJs and start building connections with the London hard house scene. It was working very well. I got a few DJ’s up from Mind Over Matter and in turn got on the guest list for one of their nights at Camden Palace. To top it off, that night was my 21st birthday weekend. My friends had spared no expense on that evening and booked a limo to head down to London in style… well… back then it was a really cool way to turn up at a club and come on, it was my 21st.

We pulled up outside Camden Palace, got through security, headed through the lobby, down the short tunnel to the double doors at the end. Now, I can’t remember who was DJing at the time but I do remember the moment I opened those double doors to see a packed club with the main floor and every tier going up, full of UV covered ravers with their hands in the air as ‘What Ya Got 4 Me’ had just exploded in to the main riff and vocal in the breakdown.

My God! The euphoria that washed over me was amazing! That tune was/is so good that all of us just threw ourselves into the crowd and started dancing to this amazing tune. Please take me back to that year!

Of course, that following week I went straight into town to the record shops to find a copy.

Thank you Signum, for creating such an epic anthem!

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