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Tidy Treasures – Lil Miss Jules

This week it’s the turn of the very petite Lil Miss Jules to tell her about her Tidy Treasure

Being a old school raver I started my rave journey back in 1998.  I’d been invited to go to a club called Gatecrasher with a group of friends that I knew from the pub used to work in. Being a bitcurious and up for an adventure I agreed to go. That Saturday night we headed up to Sheffield on the most bonkers coach journey. I was dressed as a Brownie. yes you hear me right a Brownie . 26  years old and dressed Brownie… Due to the size of me, I got away with it lol. 

Gatecrasher was busy and  it totally blew my mind. I’d never seen so many crazy characters in one place. I’d  never really been into dance music up until that point but I fell completely in love with trance. From then it all changed for me. Every  week I would get the coach up to Sheffield on my own  and go to Gatecrasher. I made so many new crazy friends I didn’t care if I was on my own or where I would stay for the weekend. 

As the saying goes… you’re never on your  own  at a rave. 

One of my friends used to run an after party at Area 51 after Gatecrasher so I used to help out flyering and getting people into the club.  As many will know I’m great at talking and convincing people they need to stay out and party!

One morning he persuaded me to go into the rival club /after party to get people to leave and go over to his club. So I walked over to the club which was called Insomniacz. (Little did I know it would change my life forever). From the moment I walk in, there was a completely different vibe. The music was bouncy hard goodness which I’d never heard before and just lost my head. 

I never went back to Area 51 I stayed in there until 10am!

There was a female DJ  behind the decks with bright red hair in bondage style clothing and I just though wow! She’s freaking fantastic and I need to know who she is. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and the tunes she played where absolute nails. 

I got chatting to her in the toilets and loved her even more. This Super cool, super sexy and. Damn right lovely lass. This is when Lisa lashes became my hero. I would travel up to Sheffield just to go Insomnicz. That’s where my love of hard house began. 

A couple of months after i was offered a place at Technics DJ academy on a pilot DJ course in Manchester. So I went to Spin Inn Records and HMV and bought my first hard house records and bag.  I felt like a superstar!

My Tidy Treasure is Lisa Lashes ‘Unbelievable’. I played that track over and over again in that tiny practice booth at the academy learning how to mix. 

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