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Tidy Treasures – Jason Nawty

This week Jason Nawty tells us about a track which influenced his sound…

So many Tidy tracks got played regularly in my sets from the birth of the label. So Im not even sure of this particular year, but I had already written seven tracks for the 12 Inch Thumpers label and had been the label DJ all over the world for a couple of years when I had the idea for a tune called “Ripped” in my head.

It was a simple hard house bouncer without much need for a melody but to carry that off it needed a phat kick and bass, I couldn’t find it… then I bought Jack of Klubz by Barabas and OD1 (Tidy Boys Remix) Wow…… what a hard house moment that was for me, the first time I played it in Ireland they went mental, but even better, people thought it was my production… all I could say is “I wish it was mate”.

Now I realised what people associated me with. This was the “Nawty Sound” The simplicity, quality kick n bass, the “let there be house” old skool vocal hadn’t been over used in hard house yet, it had little breakbeat fills, which I love, and a sped up vocal rap loop.

I was in Nawty / Tidy heaven. And then, the quietness of the break suddenly broken by the smash in the face of that kick and bass again and nothing else literally got dance-floors marching around like rave soldiers.

This happened on so many huge floors on massive systems like at Camden Palace, the Fridge, Sundissential, Goodgreef, Vauxhall arches, Sw1 and many more. This was where my head was at with hard house at this moment and the more I bounced, the more the crowds bounced with me.

I thank you for making my sets better with this track. And if you listen to “ripped”, that silence in the break and followed by the kick and bass drop was totally influenced by you guys. Thank you… PLUR… Nawty

Download & Stream this release here: https://tidytrax.fanlink.to/JackOfKlubz

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