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Tidy Treasures – Hayley Colleen

This week’s Tidy Treasure comes from one of our scene’s most in demand vocalists… the lovely Hayley Colleen!

This track is everything that makes me come alive when I’m on that dance floor surrounded by my rave family. This remix wins it for me.

The punchy synths and Highhats, rolling drums and driving bass lines.. All this is topped off with a perfectly matched ethereal otherworldly vocal that will send chills down my spine every time. Perfectly executed goosebump fodder! The way it kicks back into the driving bassline after the hands in the air breakdown aswell… definitely bassface smiles all round!

This is one of those tracks that no matter how hard you have been giving it on that dance floor – you just dig that little bit deeper and reach for those lasers!

My Tidy Treasure is the Paul Maddox remix of Travel ‘Bulgarian’. This was very tough to choose as I love pretty much every release on the Tidy labels in their own way. Anything that you can feel the passion behind gets a yes from me!

Download & Stream this release here:

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