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Tidy Treasures – Bryn Whiting

This week’s Tidy Treasure it told by Bryn Whiting who explains in great detail what the track means to him.

So… after many many years as a hard house clubber and after going to many many weekenders and events there has always been that particular track I was always waiting for in the night for certain DJ’s to play in their sets. Whether is was the Tidy Boys playing Heaven’s Cry, Lisa Lashes playing ‘Unbelieve’ or Paul Glazby playing ‘Kick It’ I would always just wait for that one moment to lose my shit on the dance floor. 

I’m all about the energy, the massive build ups, massive vocals and huge riffs that want to make your skeleton jump out of your skin and stomp away … my Tidy Treasure is ALL of the above !

It is Dark Society – Show Me The Way (Lox and Leigh Green Remix)

Let’s start at the beginning. You’ve got this pounding kick right from the offset and you know it’s going to be a beast 55 seconds in you get a vocal. Then the bass drops and it’s a dirty Off beat bass that vibrates through your entire body. At 1:28 there’s this nasty pad like sound that’s filtering all over the speakers and you don’t know which way it’s coming or going. You get to the first little break down where the vocal is fully exposed for the first time. That nasty pad sound then turns into a sort of lead and the two combine start to make my stomach get butterflies. The kick and beat come back into play, the vocal is put over the kick, the bass and everything else and the energy is really building at this point, It then it takes a nice key change and the track is really gaining momentum.

We come to the main breakdown and there’s no let off. The vocal changes, the energy is rising and the main hoover synth sound comes in. The build up begins and you can’t help but throw your hands in the air. The vocal, the riff and then an acid sound is all playing at the same time. This is the highest point of ecstasy for me. and then the drop… everything is being played apart from the vocal.

The second part of the track with the vocal comes in and it adds that extra punch. As it begins to mix out I am buzzing my tits off but I am also shattered because I have stomped so hard to this one track and I need to catch my breath !!!! I don’t think there is any other song that can make me personally reach such a natural high of euphoria.

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