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Tidy Treasures – Anne Savage

This week it’s the turn of original Tidy Girl Anne Savage to reveal her Tidy Treasure…

When Johnny Dangerous asked me to pick my Tidy Treasure, I was pulling my hair out thinking how can I pick just one? I imagine it’s like being asked to pick a favourite child, I wouldn’t know but I’ve heard it’s a tricky one. I do remember the first time I played with Tony De Vit in 1995 at Fantazia vs Ark in Leeds and I was mesmerised by the music, it was unlike anything I’d ever heard, at least 10-15 bpms faster than I was playing that night, and a completely different energy. I couldnt even dance to it, it was a whole new genre.

I was working at Eastern Bloc Records at the time, I was resident at Ark around 1996.  I was head buyer for a time for the big piano anthem type of music so I bought in some of the early Tidy and some Tripoli Trax to see how it went and it really started to take off in Leeds, I was hammering it and it wasn’t long before I had more hard house in my box than anything else, then Tidy Girls happened in 1999 and  it changed my life, Hard House took over and the whole scene exploded.

So which to pick? Ian M Dreamer? We used to play Sundissential together a lot and when I had to go on after Ian, I always said to myself “hmmm right then…” I had to pitch all my vinyl up as far as it would go, and occasionally I had to just sack it off and pick a different record that was fast enough. I soon learnt though. Dreamer was awesome, that riff!! A firm favourite – I’d had a good few years playing Quench ‘Dreams’ where the sample comes from in my sets, and Ian breathed new life into it for me.

I think I’d have to plump for Untidy Dubs, Volume 1 Funky Groove as my all-time Tidy treasure though, I honestly don’t think there’s anything like it. Its unique, some of the samples are so over used it shouldn’t even work, but it’s pure genius, timeless and just pure class! I still rush to the dancefloor if someone plays it, so watch out for me at the Weekender and make some space, Savage coming through!!

Stream & Download this release here: https://untidy.fanlink.to/UntidyDubsVol1

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