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Tidy Treasures – Adam Dixon

This track is what got me really into the UK hard trance sound.

It tells a story, it has the highs and the the deep and dirty bits. From the get go I was hooked! I can’t remember exactly when I heard it. It may of been at Slinky, Global, Summer Sound System or even Wildchild. Or maybe it was round a mates house when we used to all meet up on a Tuesday at each others flats.

The lead up to the breakdown then boooom! Total hands in the air, totally lost in the moment. Then the drop… and its all there, massive highs!! There’s the acid line then boooom… back again. It’s a total roller-coaster of a track. Keeps you on ya toes and at the end of it… Massive smiles all round!

My tidy treasure track is…. Technikal presents Pierre Pienaar – Global Panic

Download & Stream this release here:

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