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Tidy Treasures – Jayne Parkes (De Vit)

This week’s Tidy Treasure comes to us from the sister of legendary DJ Tony De Vit. Jayne recalls the many road trips she shared with her brother.

I’m sure you know that I have the privilege of being Tony De Vit’s sister. I’m not sure I’m the best person to write this little piece as its probably obvious I will be choosing one of Tony’s tracks that Tidy have championed all these years , but which one ??? I wasn’t really a clubber/ Yes, I used to go to The Nightingale when tony DJ’d but in those days you really weren’t aware of the DJ, it was just all about the music .

Well, fast forward a few years and I was a married woman with three kids! My hubby would sometimes drive Tony about and he said , “You ought to come one night it’s incredible, the crowds love him !” I really wasn’t sure what it was all about how could a DJ be the attraction? I really can’t remember where the first club I went to but I think it was Naughty But Nice in Hereford. We were on the guest list, we turned up and people were queuing round the block ! I couldn’t quite believe it and when we got in… well… it was incredible.

We made our way to the DJ box, went in, and Sister Bliss was on and of course I had no idea who she was ,then Tony took over . The place went mental, I was in shock and awe . His set was incredible and of course it was building. He turned to me and said, “Jayne watch this…” He put on “Are You All Ready. I’ve never seen a reaction like it ! I think it was at that very moment I “got it”. I got what what made dance music , DJs and clubbing so incredible.

So you’re thinking that’s the track… but no… it isn’t. It is one of my favourites but not “the” favourite. After my first experience of clubbing I went on to go to lots of incredible places ; Cream in Liverpool where it was so hot the condensation used to drip onto you off the ceiling , Gatecrasher in Sheffield where I met Boy George, I was totally star struck! Ministry of Sound, Sunnyside Up, and lots of others. I think my one regret was I didn’t go into Trade. It was always a long Saturday night traveling all over the country , I think he normally did four to five gigs on a Saturday, always ending up in Trade. By then I was always knackered so I’d curl up and go to sleep in the people carrier while he was DJing . I feel totally blessed to have experienced it all.

Now my favourite track… I love ‘The Dawn’ but it’s not that. You know how music evokes such strong memories well The Dawn being the last track he made in the Tidy studio, reminds me of when he died so it always makes me a bit sad. My favourite is ‘I Don’t Care’ and this is my Tidy Treasure. I’m not really sure why. I know Tony really loved it and in some ways it reminds me of our childhood, watching horror films, the breakdown (the bells!) reminds of some of those soundtracks . Phantasm, The Exorcist etc. They are actually quite funny now, nothing like horror films these days! Of course he was always more interested in the soundtrack while I was shitting myself.

I’m not going get through writing this without mentioning TdV20! The lasting impression that I will always remember is the atmosphere and vibe that evening. It was so much like those great clubs in the nineties, friendly, great music , great DJs… just perfect . I will never forget it! xxx

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