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The Tidy Vinyl Club

The Tidy Vinyl Club Is Now Live!

For a very long time we have had constant requests for Tidy vinyl to make a comback so we are really happy to launch the new vinyl club.

Each month you will receive a brand new vinyl release featuring music from the Tidy label catalogue.

We will rotate around Tidy Trax, Tidy Two, Untidy and Synapse each month. The music that we press to vinyl will be new releases and also some of the older tracks from the Tidy catalogue that never had a vinyl release.

If you would like 2 or more copies of the vinyl, please add the number you require to your cart when you setup the subscription. Do not do this on different subscriptions as you will be charged additional postage.

After you setup your subscription the recurring payments will always be taken on the 1st of each month. 

We will get the vinyl to you during the month as soon as it arrives with us.

Click the link below to subscribe:

As always thanks for your support!
Keep It Tidy