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The Tidy Boys Livestream from Pontin’s, Prestatyn…

If you missed the livestream earlier this week then here is your chance to watch it on Tidy TV Catch-up!

For many watching a livestream can be tedious as DJs, many of them well known, bounce around your screen like they are on acid twiddling knobs and sliders unnecessarily… often with no power to the equipment!

DJ’s have been known to perform in remote locations (that have no power), on boats, mountains, deserts and one DJ even performed live on a mid-air flight, (with no wifi). These live streams inspired the Tidy Boys to show people how it should be done and they chose the spiritual home of hard house, Pontin’s at Prestatyn for their live event.

Showcasing 60 minutes of new and forthcoming releases on the Tidy labels, they ridiculed these live streams in their unique style not only on the main stage at Pontins but also at the main gates of the site, Chalet 681 and in the men’s toilets where they were disturbed by Lee Haslam who emerged from a cubicle leaving them a parting gift.

Click on the link below to watch the stream… we are pretty sure you will watch it several times… They still have that magic!

Just in case you are curious… there was no power to any equipment.

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