Never Surrender
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Systemshock & Bryn Whiting – Never Surrender (Tidytwo)

It’s only been a matter of a few weeks since we last saw a release from Bryn Whiting and he’s back with another scorcher, this time collaborating with Sytemshock.

Better known as Alex Jenkinson, he met Bryn at Tidy’s Halloween party at the Emporium in October 2019 . The pair immediately hit it off and as admirers of each other’s work they decided it would be good idea to go into the studio together and a good idea it certainly was.

Never Surrender is a blinder of an energetic hard trance in true Tidytwo style. It has all the main ingredients needed for a good track. Originally called Northern Star, it had a different vocal but after a bit of tweaking and the previous vocal dropped for this the end result was a signing to Tidytwo.

I’m loving the 80’s style strings that guides you into a beast of a synth breakdown. It has Tidy Weekender anthem written all over it.

The production is tighter than a miser’s wallet as this well constructed track takes you into orbit thanks to power that propels it. This is one of those that will sound incredible on a huge sound system!

Let’s hope we see a follow up from these two.

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