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Sorley it hasn’t gone Pete Tong… it has…

This weekend the nation will get hear the brand new Untidy UX release courtesy of BBC Radio 1. Both Danny Howard and Pete Tong have playlisted the Sorley remix of Untidy Dubs ‘Funky Groove’ for their respective shows on Friday 12th March.

The re-issue of the 24-year-old track, solely with the new remix has been causing waves within the house world from promo plays on various live streams online.

Sorley has produced a fantastic rework. The DJ an producer set himself a new year’s resolution of making a track a day throughout January, which he accomplished, all of which can be heard on his Soundcloud.

The remix is deep, bass driven affair that takes that infectious vocal hook to new heights. It is electronic dance music at its finest and is exposing the Untidy sound to a brand-new audience. If you’ve ever wondered where that vocal comes from it’s taken from a fantastic 70’s disco record called ‘Feel That Funky Groove’ by Gary Toms Empire.

Lee Haslam, general manager of Tidy Trax explains why these plays are so important for Untidy, “When I came back to the label one of the things myself and the guys wanted to achieve was to engage with a diverse and new audience. Not for a long time has Tidy had a label that has been so close to being “in trend’. Untidy is that label. With a few very minor tweaks to the sound we now have a label that is a lot more accessible to a global market and on the verge of being that new House sound, the point that what Tech House was three or four years ago. You only have to see the likes of Patrick Topping and Eats Everything playing our old back catalogue to see there is a shift musically.

“Through my work for the past 6 years in the house and tech world, I’ve been able to use my contacts there and bridge that gap. Getting acts like Josh Butler, Max Chapman, Piero Pirupa, Sorley, Jacky, Sam Divine etc before would have been near on impossible but it’s been really exciting to be able to work with them on the UX project. Through the outstanding work they have done remixing the back catalogue we are now seeing the fruits of that change.”

He concludes, “It’s really exciting times at Tidy, there is a genuine sense of things starting to happen again and the Untidy label is going to be a major part of that. Tidy will always be a hard house label and Tidy Two will always be a hard trance label. that will never change but we want to be here in another 25 years and I believe we are now making the right changes to get there.”

Tune into Danny Howard tonight on Radio 1 between 8pm and 10pm to him play Sorley’s remix of Funky Groove for the first time ever on national radio and if you miss it you can tune into the longest running dance DJ on British Radio, Pete Tong, from 10pm until midnight and hear him play it.

I f youy miss both shows do not worry… you can listen to them again on the BBC Sounds app or website.

BBC Radio 1 can be found between 97.1-99.7 FM, on DAB and via the BBC sounds app or website. You can also tune in on Freeview and Freesat, channel 100, 0101 on Sky and 901 on Virgin media.

Happy listening!

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