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She’s Lookin’ Good!

Untidy UX’s latest offering is a fantastic rework of Lisa Lashes’ classic hard houser Lookin’ Good from the original Tidy Girls EP back in May 1999. It has been remixed by one of the hottest talents within the house scene right now, Sam Divine. We caught up with her whilst she was mid-air on a flight to Ibiza… yes you heard correct!

Sam, how did you become involved with the Untidy UX Project?

A good friend of mine who runs the back end of my label Dvine Sounds hooked it up with Lee Haslam. We were reminiscing about the Hard House days and he said that Tidy were remixing some of their back catalogue so he linked me in with Lee. Lisa Lashes is a huge inspiration to me. She was one of the reasons I started DJing. I loved the Tidy Girls ethos so it was a no brainer to remix ‘Lookin’ Good’.

You’re no stranger to remixing having remixed the likes of other anthem’s such as Sandy B’s ‘Ain’t No Need To Hide’. Was it more challenging to remix a hard house classic? How did you put your mark on the remix?

It was and it wasn’t . My love for Hard House has never died. It will always have a special place in my heart . I grew up on Hard House and started playing Hard House when I first got into DJing . I love all genres so for this project I knew I had to do it justice and put my Hard House hat on . I’m overwhelmed at the response from my community . Even though its not my normal sound everyone still totally got it.

How do you think it will be received within the house world and who is supporting it?

I think everyone just appreciates that it’s a good record . It was a massive passion project and people got that.

Lockdown has been tough on DJs and artists like yourself. What did you do during these extraordinary times?

I got busy . I’m a workaholic so sitting around waiting for things to happen isn’t in my vocabulary. I did a lot of live streams , I was busy with my Defected radio show and I also started a new friday night show on Kiss last year so everything was still massively based around music. I started a Twitch session on Saturdays called Divine Tribe and a Sunday session called Samz Jamz . I definitely need a holiday before the 21st June!

The Untidy UX project was born from Lockdown utilising the talents of fresh house producers to remix Tidy classics. Which of the other releases are you supporting?

The Josh Butler and Sorely mixes I looove!

Tell us the truth… are you a closet hard house lover and will you be stocking up on the Tidy USB’s??

No im fully out the closet ha . I’m proud of my House Hard roots , I think its really important to celebrbate where you came from.

Will we see you remixing any other Tidy classics?

I really wanted to remix Tony De Vit – The Dawn. That’s in my top fav 5 records of all time. It’s a monster though so I’d probably be too sacred to touch it.

We’re just emerging from Lockdown… what do you have planned for the summer and the rest of this year?

I’m fully booked till Christmas day . I had my last socially distanced festival at the weekend and now I’m just sitting tight till the 21st June when we can get back to the clubs. I’ve got two solo tours in America and I’m launching my own merchandise line soon. ‘Sleep when you can’ as my dad says!

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