Sharp Tools Volume One
Artist Interviews


Sharp Recordings is back and is relaunching with the Sharp Tools series, the ground breaking series of EP’s made famous by its funk, bass and percussion driven sounds. The Sharp Boys themselves Steven and George give us a rundown of the tracks on the first EP and the story behind each one!

Track 01: ‘Commencement’ signalled the start of something as it was our first ever track together in a studio. Steven played the acetate of this before Tony (TDV) headlined on the main floor of “Garage” at Heaven on Friday night and he asked if he could keep it! He played it at Trade that same weekend and Matt Waterhouse, (who was working tracks at MCA at the time), walked up to the Turnmills main floor DJ Box to ask him what it was? Tony pointed to George! The following day Matt called and offered The Sharp Boys their first ever remix; “Drop A House” by Urban Discharge! Showbusiness eh!

Track 02 ‘Right Now’ just sat really nice as a back up to the A Side. A different feel and we hoped really infectious for the clubs.

Track 03 ‘Radio’ A bit of fun really with the lyric as Steven had always dreamed of hosting his own Radio Show when he was a teenager! That dream fantastically came true for us in 1998 care of Simon Sadler who booked us in to host some cover shows for Tony and Graham Gold which eventually led to us hosting our very own “Sharp Saturday Night Invasion” 2 hour Show for 6 years with many formidable guests including: Fat Boy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Pet Shop Boys, Boy George, Nile Rogers, Adeva, and Basement Jaxx – happy days!

Sharp Tools Volume One is released today across all download and streaming platforms for your audible pleasure!

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