The Weekender Experience – Volume 1


The Tidy Weekenders are the biggest Harder House events in the clubbing calendar and now you can look back at all the amazing moments with our new ‘Weekender Experience’ USB series.

This 64gb USB drive is jam packed with mixes, and video footage from some of the best parties Tidy have ever thrown! Also includes are 14o full length DJ friendly single tracks.

This product is part of our new Tidy Limited Edition Series. It comes in a metal tin with a Tidy branded USB stick

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25 Mixes:
Entertaining The Troops Tidy Weekender 5 Mix – Tara Reynolds
Ideal Tidy Weekender Mix – Rob Tissera
Live At The Tidy Weekender 2 – The Tidy Boys
Pirates of Prestatyn Weekender Promo Mix – Stimulator
Something For The Weekend TW3 – Mixed Tidy Boys
Tidy Christmas Weekender Live – BK
Tidy Christmas Weekender Live – The Tidy Boys
Tidy Weekender 4 – Jez & Charlie
Tidy Weekender 4 – Paul Glazby
Tidy Weekender 4 – Stimulant DJs
Tidy Weekender 6 – Ben Stevens
Tidy Weekender 6 – Steve Thomas
Tidy Weekender 7 – Paul Maddox
Tidy Weekender 8 – Guyver
Tidy Weekender 9 – Alex Kidd
Tidy Weekender 10 – Anne Savage
Tidy Weekender 11 – Mark Sherry
Tidy Weekender 14 – Mark EG
Tidy Weekender 15 – Lisa Pin-Up
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Adam Bellew
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Chris Purcell
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Dawn Lee
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Discam
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – James Valentine
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Keith Allen

140 Single Tracks:
4 Motion Vs 12 Inch Thumpers – It’s Over The Line (Tidy Boys Home Made Remix).wav
99th Floor Elevators – Hooked (BK’s GoHard Remix).wav
99th Floor Elevators – Hooked (Pete Wardman Remix).wav
Abandon – The Underground (Original Mix).wav
Adam M – Do You Like That (Original Mix)
AK909 – Just Like That (Original Mix)
Allnighters – Black Is Black (BK Remix)
Allnighters – Black Is Black (Ian M Remix).wav
Amber D – I Got a Feelin (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Andy Farley – Barriers (Original Mix).wav
Andy Farley & Frank Farrell – Rupha & Tupha (Original Mix).wav
Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Mouse Shack (Original Mix).wav
Anne Savage – Four Leaf Clover (Original Mix).wav
Anne Savage – I Need U (Original Mix).wav
Anne Savage, Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – The Pod (Original Mix).wav
Barely Legal – Goose Bumps (Original Mix).wav
Barely Legal – The Future (Colin Barratt Remix).wav
Ben Kaye – Constitution (Original Mix).wav
Ben Kaye – Go Fuck Yourself (Original Mix).wav
Ben Stevens & Jeff Payne – Mortal Wombat (Original Mix).wav
Ben Stevens & Rodi Style – The Eternal (Original Mix).wav
Ben Stevens vs Damage & Narkotique – Better Watch Out (Original Mix).wav
Benedict Brothers – Honey Child (Original Mix).wav
Carl Nicholson – Blueprint (Taras Theme) (Original Mix).wav
Champion Burns – Hell’s Reign (Original Mix).wav
Committee – Welcome (I Said Shut Up) (Paul Janes ‘Through The K Hole’ Remix).wav
Dark Society – Show Me The Way (Lox & Leigh Green Remix).wav
Dave Holmes – Freedom (Original Mix).wav
Dave Holmes – Samsara (Jon Doe remix)
Daves Project – This Is Tidy (Part 1).wav
Dawn Lee – Alchemy (Original Mix).wav
Deadly Ransom – Breathless (Original Mix).wav
Defective Audio – Floorburn (Paul Glazby Remix)
Defective Audio – Freakin It (Original Mix)
Dr Device & Ben Stevens – Send Them To The Cemetery (Original Mix).wav
E-Trax – Let’s Rock (BK’s Nukleuz Remix).wav
Enegmatic – Mastermind (Original Mix).wav
Equinox – The Tradesman (Cupra Remix).wav
Euphony – Euphonism (Original Mix).wav
Flashheadz – Who Wins (Ilogik Remix).wav
Gridlock 3000 – Fantastic Thing (UK Gold Remix).wav
Guyver – Differences (Original Mix).wav
Guyver – Man On The Moon (Original Mix).wav
Guyver – Persistence (Original Mix)
Guyver – Serious Sound (Original Mix).wav
Handbaggers – U Found Out (Tony De Vit Remix).wav
Heaven’s Cry – Til Tears Do Us Part (Flash Harry Remix).wav
Heaven’s Cry – Til Tears Do Us Part (The Tidy Boys Weekender Mash Up).wav
Hyerlogic – Only Me (Stimulant DJs Remix).wav
Hyperlogic – U Got The Love (Steve Hill vs Technikal Remix).wav
Ian M – Anihilation (Paul Glazby Remix).wav
Incisions – Beyond Motion (Paul Glazby & Paul Janes Remix)
Ingo – Ready 4 Dis (Original Mix).wav
Ingo & Eseni DJ – Scare Tactics (Original Mix).wav
Jon Bishop – In Control (Colin Barratt Remix).wav
K-Series – Airwave (K7) (Original Mix).wav
K-Series – Papua New Guinea (K4) (Original Mix).wav
K-Series – Sanctuary (K8) (Original Mix).wav
Kirsty Lee James & Lucy Fur – Escalator (Original Mix)
Knuckleheadz – Upfront (Original Mix).wav
Kym Ayres & Technikal – More & More (Original Mix).wav
Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug (Original Mix).wav
Lee Pasch – Emotion (Original Mix).wav
Lisa Lashes – Always Faithful (Original Mix).wav
Lisa Lashes – Can’t Sleep (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed Remix).wav
Lisa Lashes – Unbelievable (Original Mix).wav
Lisa Pin Up – Rock With Me (Original Mix).wav
Lisa Pinup – DJ Do You Take Requests (Original Mix).wav
Maddox & Rumble – Party People (Original Mix).wav
Masif DJ’s – No Good For Me (Matt Williams Mix).wav
Matar – Feeling (Guyver Remix).wav
Max Mozart feat Farisha – Military Zone (Original Mix).wav
Miss Behavin’ – Such A Good Feelin’  (Lee Haslam Vs Guyver Remix).wav
Nick Rafferty – I Need A Fix (Original Mix).wav
Nick Rafferty & The Coalition – Shine (Original Mix).wav
Nik Denton vs Paul King – Spacehopper (Ingo Remix).wav
Nik Denton Vs Paul KIng – Spacehopper (Overload’s Shaking Cubicle Mix).wav
NRG – Never Lost His Hardcore (Nick Sentience Remix).wav
Pants & Corset – Malice In Wonderland (Phil Reynolds & Steve Blake Remix).wav
Paul Glazby – Here I Come (RR Fierce Remix).wav
Paul Glazby – Kick It (Original Mix)
Paul Glazby – Kick It (Wayne German Remix).wav
Paul Glazby – Motherfucker (Now That’s What I Call A Paul Glazby Remix)
Paul Glazby – Rough N Tough (Adam M Remix).wav
Paul Glazby & Abandon – Tortured (Defective Audio Remix)
Paul Maddox – Medusa (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Seismic (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox & DJ GRH – Detour (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox & DJ GRH – Live For The Danger (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox Feat Niki Mac – Reach Out (Lee Pasch Remix).wav
Paul Maddox Vs Dj GRH – New York New York (Original Mix).wav
Rob Tissera – Burning (Guyver Remix).wav
Rob Tissera & Guyver – Feel The Drums (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Rob Tissera & Nathan D’Amour – Bring The Lights Down (Rob Tissera & Ozzy 2013 Remix).wav
Rob Tissera & Technikal – Freefallin’ (Rob Tissera’s Epic Mix).wav
Rob Tissera, Guyver, Steve Hill & Technikal – I Found U.wav
Rob Tissera, Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Stay (Stay Harder Mix).wav
Rob Tissera, Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Stay 2014 (Steve Hill, Klubfiller & Rob Tissera Mix).wav
Rob Tissera, Vinylgroover & The Redhead – Beautiful Like You (Original Mix).wav
Robbie Muir – Body Rock (Original Mix).wav
Rockin Russ – The Tape (Original Mix).wav
RR Fierce – Neurone X (Nick Sentience Remix).wav
Rundell & Maddox – So Long (Original Mix).wav
Shaun M & Abandon – Another Man’s Language (Original Mix).wav
Steve Blake – Expression (Lee Pasch Remix).wav
Steve Blake – Expression (Signum Remix).wav
Steve Hill vs Technikal – Enough Is Enough (Rob Tissera & Guyver Mix).wav
Steve Morley – Sacrifice (Lee Haslam Remix).wav
Stimulant DJ’s – Are You Serious (Original Mix).wav
Stimulant DJ’s – Hoovertime (Original Mix).wav
Stimulator – Play (Original Mix).wav
Stimulator – Take Off (Original Mix).wav
Technikal – Miracle (Original Mix).wav
Technikal – Summassault (Original Mix).wav
Technikal – Terminal Velocity (Original Mix).wav
Technikal & Guyver – Rushin (Original Mix).wav
Technikal & Marc French – Mad & Confused (Guyver Remix).wav
Technikal Presents Carl Nicholson – System Shock (Original Mix).wav
The Crow – What Ya Lookin’ At (Lisa Lashes and Anne Savage Vs Ingo Remix).wav
The Freak – The Melody The Sound (Original Mix).wav
Tom’s Project – Mindblowing.wav
Tony De Vit – Are You All Ready (Original Mix).wav
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (Original Trade Mix).wav
Tony De Vit – Splashdown (Ben Stevens Remix).wav
Tony De Vit – The Dawn (Paul Janes Remix).wav
Tony De Vit Feat. Niki Mak – Give Me A Reason (Original Trade Mix).wav
Trauma – Higher (Original Mix).wav
Trauma & Rob Tissera – My Eyes.wav
Travel – Bulgarian (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
TT Collective – Strings for Yasmin (Tidy DJs Remix).wav
UK Gold – Cuz The House Gets Warm (Tidy Boys Remix)
Vince Nysse & The Stereosluts – Away From You (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed Remix).wav
Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Live For The Weekend (Original Mix).wav
Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – The Bleep (Original Mix).wav