The Weekender Experience USB Vol 4


The Tidy Weekenders are the biggest Harder House events in the clubbing calendar and now you can look back at all the amazing moments with our new ‘Weekender Experience’ USB series.
This 64gb USB drive is jam packed with 21 mixes from some of the best parties Tidy have ever thrown! Also includes over 200 full length DJ friendly single tracks.

The USB also includes the mixes and singles from the brand new Tidy Weekender Anthems 2022 CD!

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Tidy Weekender Anthems 2022 (Disc 1)
Tidy Weekender Anthems 2022 (Disc 2)

Tidy 20 Weekender (Friday Set) – The Tidy Boys
Tidy Boys Live & Dangerous
Tidy Weekender 7 Promo Mix – JP & Jukesy
Tidy Weekender 8 – The Tidy Boys
Tidy Weekender 10 – Andy Farley
Tidy Weekender 11 Promo Mix – Sam & Deano
Tidy Weekender 12 – Dark By Design
Tidy Weekender 12 – Justin Bourne b2b Nik Denton
Tidy Weekender 15 – Ilogik
Tidy Weekender 15 Live Edit – The Tidy Boys
Tidy Weekender Reunion – Live! – BK
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Craig Lee
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Eggman
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Gaz Fullard
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Gazmachine
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Hayley Colleen
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – John Cooper
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – K8-e
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Mickey G & Mickey Bo

Single Tracks:
12 Inch Thumpers – Don’t Cross The Line (Olive Grooves Remix)
99th Floor Elevators – Hooked (Tidy Boys Remix)
Allnighters – Black Is Black (Tony De Leon Remix)
Alumina – Let The Bass Kick
Alumina Everybody – Move Your Body
Andy Farley – Barriers
Andy Farley – Out Of Control
Andy Farley – The Killer
Andy Farley & Colin Barratt – Crashed
Andy Farley & Frank Farrell – Rupha & Tupha
Andy Farley & Olive Grooves – Feel
Andy Farley & Olive Grooves – Got Me Movin
Andy Farley & Paul Maddox – Anomaly
Andy Farley & Sam Townend – Mouse Shack
Andy Whitby & Karlston Khaos – One Middle Finger
Anne Savage – Why
Audox – Tried This, Tried That (Tried Everything)
Barely Legal – Goose Bumps
Base Graffiti – Bass EP (Part 1) (Lucy Fur Remix)
Base Graffiti – Scirocco
Batten & Brow – Sloppy Jaloppy!
Beatniqz – Kick It (BK Remix)
Ben Stevens – Hooj Grooves
Ben Stevens – Squeeze
Ben Stevens & Abandon – Traumatic (Random But Raw Remix)
Ben Stevens vs Sam & Deano – Rescue Me (Technikal Remix)
Big Tool 4 U – Bitch Trog
Big Tool 4 U – Just Cum
BK – Dreams (Hard Mix)
BK – Dreams (Trance Mix)
BK – Hardstep
BK – Rave Monkey (JP & Jukesy Remix)
BK – Reach
BK – Wah Wah
BK & Anne Savage – To The Masses
BK & Ilogik – Real Life
BK & Lucy Fur – Get Hot (Untidy Dub)
BK & Vinylgroover – Spinnin
Brain Bashers – Give Up The Sound (Passion Mix)
Brainbashers – Do It Now
Breather – Come On (Euphony Remix)
BRK3 – L3T G0 (Flashnikal Remix)
Bulletproof – Dance To The Rhythm
Bulletproof – Mistakes (Ilogik Remix)
Butch & Sundance – Back To Earth (Brain Bashers Remix)
Butch & Sundance – I Need You (John Whitemann Remix)
Captain Tinrib & Max Alien – Acid Gate Scandal
Carl Nicholson – Blueprint (Taras Theme)
Carl NIcholson – Classic (Ilogik Remix)
Carl Nicholson & Ingo – Your Time Is Up
Chris Hoff – What Would We Do
Colin Barratt – Critical Mass
Committee – Welcome (I Said Shut Up) (Paul Janes ‘Through The K Hole’ Remix)
D-Generate – Ghost
Daley & Wmd – Slutfucker
Damo Cassetti – Bass Jam (Energy Syndicate Remix)
Danny Clark & Matt Clarkson – Keep On
Dark Society – Show Me The Way
Dave Curtis – Brain Drain
Dave Holmes – Devotion (Paul Janes Remix)
Daves Project – This Is Tidy (Part 1)
Defective Audio – Freakin It
Defective Audio – Hit The Deck
Defective Audio – Intoxicating (Paul Maddox Remix)
Defective Audio – Underkut
Defective Audio & Kauz – Caged
Digital Kid – Nobody Likes the Records
Digital Kid & Bonzo – Take Me Up
Dyewitness – What Would You Like To Hear Again (Ian M Trade Mix)
Dyewitness – What Would You Like to Hear Again (Tidyman Mix)
Dynamic Intervention & Sol Ray – Hardway
E Trax – Let’s Rock (Alan Thompson Alter Ego Remix)
E-Wok – Supersound (Stimulator Remix)
Equinox – Immure (Ilogik Shrink Wrapped Remix)
Equinox – Puma (Pocock Remix)
Exit EEE – Epidemic (Edison Factor Remix)
F1 – Recoil
Flash Harry & Tidy Boys – Heavens Tap
FlashHeadz – Wizards Of The Sonic
Freak Machine – Fantasy (Flash Harry Remix)
Gridlock 3000 – Fantastic Thing (UK Gold Remix)
Groove Collector – Mosquito
Guyver – Man On The Moon
Guyver – Persistence
Guyver – Serious Sound
Heaven’s Cry – Til Tears Do Us Part (Flash Harry Remix)
Heaven’s Cry – Til Tears Do Us Part (The Tidy Boys Weekender Mash Up)
Heavens Cry – Til Tears Do Us Part (Lamin8rs Remix)
Hotwirez – Rise
Hyperlogic – Only Me (Red Jerry ’95 Remix)
Hyperlogic – U Got The Love (Steve Hill vs Technikal Remix)
Ian M – Crank
Ilogik – I Feel You
Ilogik – Tronic Equator
Ingo – Ready 4 Dis
Joe Rogers – Let Me Hear You Shout
Jon BW – You Got Me
Jon BW & Cally Gage – Move You
Jon Doe – Good Timez
Jon Hemming – 1995
JP & Jukesy & Abandon – Control
JP & Jukesy – Nowhere To Hide (Ilogik & Paul Janes Remix)
JP & Jukesy Vs Daley – What You Got Left
Justin Bourne – Kick Up The Volume (Knuckleheadz Remix)
Justin Bourne & Dynamic Intervention – Catapult
Justin Bourne & Dynamic Intervention – Work It (Avis Van Rental Remix)
K-Series – Fiji (K10 Part One)
K-Series – Papua New Guinea (K4)
K-Series vs Technikal – Closer
K8-e – Forgot About K
Karl Davis & Ian M – Bleedin Mental
Knuckleheadz – Dub House Disco
Kronos – Illusion
KTI025 – OD404 – Panic Button – Kaktai
Kym Ayres & Technikal – Bad Girl
Kym Ayres & Technikal – More & More
Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug
Lee Haslam – The Power
Lee Pasch – Emotion
Lee Pasch – Energize
Lee Pasch – Hybridize
Lisa Lashes – Unbelievable
Lisa Lashes – What Can You Do For Me (Tidy Boys Remix)
Lisa Pin Up – Rock With Me
Maddox & Rumble – Party People
Marc Johnson – Hoof (Nik Denton Remix)
Masmada Vs Gary Cooke – Warp
Matt Clarkson – Finger Banger
Matt Clarkson – Pure Intoxication
Max Mozart – Murder On The Moon
Nicholson feat Emoiryah – Now We Are Free
Nick Rafferty & PBS – Groovin’
Nik Denton – Freak Right Out
Nik Denton – Who The Hell
Nik Denton & Dave Owens – Can’t Work
Nik Denton & Tim Stokes – Permission To Dance
NRG – Never Lost His Hardcore (Nick Sentience Remix)
OD404 – 9 Bar (BK & DBm’s 10 Kilo Remix)
OD404 – Robot Jam (BK Remix)
OD404 – Whizz Bang
Pants & Corset – Malice In Wonderland (Phil Reynolds & Steve Blake Remix)
Paul Clark feat Elle Mariachi – Lullaby
Paul Glazby – Beautiful
Paul Glazby – Hostile
Paul Glazby – I Need To Know
Paul Glazby – Kick It (2005 Remix)
Paul Glazby – New Clear War Fair ,wav
Paul Glazby – True Faith
Paul Glazby & Abandon – Tortured
Paul Maddox – Bassline Pressure
Paul Maddox – Endangered
Paul Maddox – In It For Kicks
Paul Maddox Olive Grooves – I Cant Let Go
Paul Maddox Olive Grooves – Pitchbend Groove
Psyclone – Good Side (Andy Farley Remix)
Question Mark – The Birds (David Rust Remix)
Rachel Auburn – Screwdriver
Raff & Jay Pidgeon – Nah Nah Nah
Richard Toomz – Backplane
Rimshot – Everybody On The Floor (Rachel Auburn Remix)
Rob Tissera & Paul Priestley – An Eternal
Rob Tissera, Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Stay (Lee Haslam Remix)
Robbie Muir – Body Rock
Rockin Russ – The Tape
RR Fierce & DMF – Full Metal
RR Fierce – Neurone X (Nick Sentience Remix)
Sam Maxwell – Sun Goes Down
Sam Townend – Bottles
Sam Townend – Funky Music
Steve NRG & Riggsy – Stack The Galli (Ode To TDV 2006 Mix)
Stimulator – Take Off
Tara Reynolds – Mercy (OD404 Remix)
Technikal – Cubik
Technikal & Max Mozart feat Farisha – Live Again (Ben Stevens Remix)
Technikal & Max Mozart feat Farisha – Live Again
Technikal Featuring MC Wizzkid – Music For A Harder Generation (UK Gold Remix)
The Freak Brothers – Ready To Ride
The Shrink – Nervous Breakdown (Bulletproof Remix)
The Tidy Boys – Swinging
Tidy Boys & BK – All Alone (Part 3)
Tidy Boys & BK – Shadows
Tidy Boys & Technikal – The Danger (Alex Kidd & Danny Williamson Remix)
Tidy Boys & Technikal – The Danger
Tomorrow People – Scared
Tony De Vit – Are You All Ready
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (BK Remix)
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (Nicholson Remix)
Tony De Vit Feat. Niki Mak – Give Me A Reason (Andy Farley Remix)
Trauma – Higher
Trauma – Higher (P.A.S. Remix)
Travel – Bulgarian (Paul Maddox Remix)
TT Collective – Strings for Yasmin (Tidy DJs Remix)
UK Gold – Cuz The House Gets Warm (Ben Stevens Remix)
Unit DVSN – The Rhythm
Untidy presents – Orange
Untidy presents – Yellow
Wayne German – House Takes You
Wayne German – Party Time
Woody & Brain Bashers – Ease The Pressure