The Weekender Experience USB Vol 2


The Tidy Weekenders are the biggest Harder House events in the clubbing calendar and now you can look back at all the amazing moments with our new ‘Weekender Experience’ USB series.

This 64gb USB drive is jam packed with mixes, and video footage from some of the best parties Tidy have ever thrown! Also includes are 127 full length DJ friendly single tracks.

This product is part of our new Tidy Limited Edition Series. It comes in a metal tin with a Tidy branded USB stick

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23 Mixes:
Ideal Weekender Live Set – The Tidy Boys
Something For The Weekend – Max Mozart
The Weekender Strikes Back Promo Mix – Lisa Pin-Up
Tidy Christmas Weekender Live – Amber D
Tidy Summer Camp 2005 CD – Ben Kaye
Tidy Summer Camp Sampler CD – Amber D
Tidy Weekender 5 – Mark EG
Tidy Weekender 6 – Friday Fright Night – Andy Whitby
Tidy Weekender 6 – Friday Fright Night – Jon Doe
Tidy Weekender 6 – Friday Fright Night – Tidy Boys
Tidy Weekender 7 – Rob Tissera
Tidy Weekender 8 – Ian M
Tidy Weekender 9 – Paul Glazby
Tidy Weekender 10 – JP & Jukesy
Tidy Weekender 11 – Steve Thomas
Tidy Weekender 12 – Tidy Boys
Tidy Weekender Reunion – Live! – Karim
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Adam Dixon
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – David Timothy
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Gem Stone
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Justin Daniels & Jamie R
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Lil Miss Jules
TW25 DJ Competition Mix – Ryan Walker

127 Single Tracks:
4 Motion – Over 4 Me
12 Inch Thumpers – 50,000 Watts
12 Inch Thumpers – Attitude
12 Inch Thumpers – The Melbourne Shuffle
All Boxed In – These Things Happen (Maddox & Townend’s DD Dub)
Amber D – Rush On Me (Unit 13 Remix)
Andy Farley – Burn It Up
Andy Farley – The Killer
Andy Farley & Colin Barratt – Freeequz
Anne Savage – I Need U (Anne Savage & Tom Berry Remix)
Anne Savage & Tom Berry – Be There
Anne Savage, Justin Daniels, Jamie R & Tom Berry – Bassline Kickin
Anne Savage, Justin Daniels, Jamie R & Tom Berry – Bring Back The Rave
Audio Hedz & Alex Burn – Just Another
Base Graffiti – Beat Freak
Base Grafitti – Bass EP (Part 2)
Ben Scott – Turn It Up
Ben Stevens – Squeeze (Paul Glazby Remix)
BK – Rave Monkey (JP & Jukesy Remix)
BK & Lucy Fur – Get Hot (Untidy Dub)
Brainbashers – Do It Now
BRK3 – L3T G0 (Flashnikal Remix)
Captain Tinrib & The Leprecauns – Rampage
Chris Hoff – Shut Up
Dark Society – Show Me The Way
Dave Owens & Frank Farrell – Graduate (Paul Glazby Remix)
Dave Parkinson – The Power
Defective Audio – ASBO
Defective Audio – Control & FX
Defective Audio – Reflux
Digital Kid & Dj Lusty – Back to the Future
Digital Mafia & Lilmiss Jules – Natural Born Killers
DJ Opel & WMD – Only One
Flash Headz – Wizards Of The Sonic
Flymo – Necrophilia (Dynamic Intervention Remix)
Frank Farrell & Captain Tinrib – Get Lost
Generate – Freedom
Groove Collector – Mosquito copy
Groove Collector – Mosquito
Guyver – Man On The Moon (Adam Dixon Remix – D5)
Hard Jeli – Dirt Droid
Heaven’s Cry – I Don’t Need This (Kumara Remix)
Hyerlogic – Only Me (Stimulant DJs Remix)
Incisions – Beyond Motion (Paul Glazby & Paul Janes Remix)
Ingo – My House
K-Series – Binary Finary (K2)
Karim – Love
Karl Davis & WMD – Skoolz Out
Kym Ayres & Technikal – More & More
Lee Haslam – Here Comes The Pain (Euphony Remix)
Lee Haslam & Peter Berry – State Of Mind
Lee Jeffrey & Justin Bourne – Drop The Dime (2005 Remix)
Lee Pasch – Calling For You
Lee Pasch – Emotion
Lee Pasch – Emotion (Technikals Tidy Two Remix)
Lisa Lashes – Lookin’ Good
Lisa Lashes – What Can You Do For Me (Tidy Boys Remix)
Lisa Pin Up – Rock With Me
Mark Hard & James Nardi – The Effect
Mark Kavanagh – Charlatan
Martyn B & Kazzy Eff – Hold Up
Max Alien – Beaver Express
Mike Taylor – River Rat
Miss Behavin – Such A Good Feeling (The Freak Brothers Remix)
Munkjack – Churchill
NG Rezonance – Progression
NG Rezonance – Thermite
Nick Rafferty & The Coalition – Hold That Sucker
Nick Rowland – Overdrive
OD404 – Let Me Tell You Something
OD404 – Whizz Bang
Organ Donors – Turntablism
Organ Donors vs Vinylgroover – Techno Shock
Paul Glazby – Here We Go (Grady G Remix)
Paul Glazby – Kick It (2005 Remix)
Paul Glazby – Love / Hate (Justin Bourne & Dynamic Intervention Remix)
Paul Glazby – Rough N Tough (Adam M Remix)
Paul Maddox – Tension (Vicious Mix)
Psyclone – Good Side (Andy Farley Remix)
Question Mark – The Birds
Rachel Auburn – Screwdriver (Olive Grooves Silly Disco Mix)
Random But Raw – Coshh
Rob Tissera & Technikal – Freefallin’ (Rob Tissera’s Epic Mix)
RR Fierce – You Don’t Know
RR Fierce & The Captain – Street Tab (OD404 Remix)
RR Fierce & The Captain – Street Tab
Sebanelli & Oddbod – Your Ass Is Mine
Smokin Bert Cooper – Getting Warm (Sam Townend Remix)
Steve Maynard & Alex Calver – Bust That
Steve Maynard & Alex Calver – Follow The Leader
Steve Thomas – The On (Higher)
Stimulant DJ’s – Are You Serious
Stimulant DJ’s – Hoovertime
Stimulator – Nostalgia (Cortez & York Remix)
Stimulator – Play
Succargo – Get It Higher
Succargo – Once Again
Tara Reynolds – Mercy (OD404 Remix)
Technikal – Mindtrix
Technikal – Rollcage
Technikal – Sherbert Supernova
Technikal & Max Mozart feat Farisha – Live Again
Terrance And Phillip – Red Alert
The Spidertrax Files – Drugs Rock ‘N’ Roll
The Tidy Boys – Swinging
Tidy Boys & Technikal – The Danger
Tony De Vit – Are You All Ready
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (Bulletproof Remix)
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (Leigh Green & Steve O’Brady Vocal Mix)
Tony De Vit Feat. Niki Mak – Give Me The Reason (Guyver Mix)
Trap Two – Discolicious
Trap Two – Loop Maschine
Trauma – Higher
Trauma – Higher (P.A.S. Remix)
Trauma & Lady Bianca – Oblivion
UK Gold – Nuclear Shower (Ilogik Remix)
UK Gold – Nuclear Shower (Lexa Mix)
UK Gold – Rock It
Untidy Dubs – R.I.P
Untidy Dubs feat Emma Lock – Fine Night
Untidy Dubs Vol6 – A Little Something
Untidy Dubs Vol6 – Broken Heart
Untidy presents – Orange (Ross Homson & Dave Owens Remix)
Untidy presents – Red
Untidy presents – Yellow
Wonk erd – Pure Imagination