The Cult Of Tidy Remixes (CD)


We have been working on a huge remix project here at Tidy HQ for the past 6 months and it’s finally time to unleash it! The Cult Of Tidy Remixes takes a retrospective look back at the past 29 years of the Tidy catalogue with the tracks being brought bang up to date by some of the best producers in the game! 24 Brand new remixes are now available for your listening pleasure spread over two DJ mixes from The Tidy Boys!

We also have a USB version which features both mixes and all 24 of the single tracks in WAV & MP3 format.

WARNING TO MEN ONLY: This album is so good it make your willy go hard. 

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Disc 1:
01. Paul Maddox – In It For The Kicks (Hayz Take Me High Remix)
02. Lisa Lashes – What Can You Do 4 Me? (Jodie Rose Remix)
03. Anne Savage – I Need A Man (Luvstruck Remix)
04. Tony De Vit – Don’t Ever Stop (Drax Nelson Remix)
05. Guyver – Differences (Zander Club & Pete.M Remix)
06. Hyperlogic – Only Me (Liam Wilson Remix)
07. Paul Maddox feat Niki Mak – Reach Out (Chris Kayl & Leigh Green Remix)
08. JFK – Whiplash (NG Rezonance & PHD Remix)
09. The Tidy Boys & Technikal – The Danger (Nick Sentience Remix)
10. 12 Inch Thumpers – Don’t Cross The Line (The Tidy Boys Remix)
11. Tony De Vit – Are You All Ready? (Luvstruck Remix)
12. Lisa Lashes – Dance 2 The House (Don’t Go) (Kym Ayres Remix)

Disc 2:
01. Trance-Pennine Express – Don’t Tell Me (Craig Thomas Remix)
02. Technikal presents Pierre Pienaar – Global Panic (P.H.A.T.T. Remix)
03. The Handbaggers – U Found Out (Peter Steele Remix)
04. E-Wok – Supersound (B.E.A.R Remix)
05. Robbie Muir – Body Rock (Ben Vennard Remix)
06. Guyver – Persistence (Bryn Whiting & Ben Starmore Remix)
07. Breather – Come On (Arja Remix)
08. The Grand – Reload (Jamie Old Remix)
09. Jon Bishop – I’m In Control (Donut & Dotz Remix)
10. Champion Burns – Scratchism (Zander Club & Jon Hemming Remix)
11. Jez & Charlie feat DJ Emile – It’s About Music (Shaun M & Ben Stevens Remix)
12. Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (Paul King Trade Club Remix)