The Adventures Of Paul Maddox (16GB USB)


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The series continues that features some of the finest hard house producers of our time, and by popular demand we have a fantastic collection by Paul Maddox
The Adventures of Paul Maddox is a showcase of this mans talent, one of the biggest and best producers in hard house who first surfaced way back in the early 2000’s on Tidy Trax.

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12 Inch Thumpers – Don’t Cross The Line – Olive Grooves Remix.wav
Abandon – The Underground – O.G.R. Remix.wav
Abandon – The Underground – Original.wav
Abandon vs JP & Jukesy – On The Floor.wav
All Boxed In – Happen (Maddox & Townend Offbeat Thunder Mix).wav
All Boxed In – Happen (Maddox & Townend Remix).wav
Amber D- Rush On Me (Paul Maddox Remix)
Andy Farley & Olive Grooves – Feel.wav
Andy Farley & Olive Grooves – Got Me Movin.wav
Andy Farley & Olive Grooves – Kinky Mover.wav
Audox & Gilly – Flash (Paul Maddox Lazer Dub).wav
Azure – Sunset.wav
Azure & Serge – Walk The Walk (303 Dub).wav
Azure & Serge – Walk The Walk v2.wav
Azure, Riley & Durrant – Captive (Vocal Mix).mp3
Ben Stevens – Paul Maddox – In Your Hands (Olive Grooves Danger Dub).wav
Ben Stevens & Abandon – Traumatic .wav
Benedict Brothers – Honey Child (Paul Maddox 08 Remix).wav
Chris C – Fierce (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Chris C & Paul Maddox – Bomber.wav
Chris C and Madame Zu Meets Ben Kaye – Rock The Target (Barely Legal Remix).wav
Comedy Dick – Like It or Loompa It .wav
Crazed Abandon – Human Error.wav
Disposable Disco Dubs – Chatline.wav
DJ GRH & Paul Maddox – Detour.wav
F5 – Jez & Charlie – Its About Music (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
F9 – SJ & Baby Doc – I Need U (Untidy Dub).wav
Funky People (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
John Mills – Steve Thomas – Time Suspension (Olive Grooves Remix) – NineNineNine.wav
Lisa Pin Up – Blow Your Mind (I Am The Woman) (Paul Maddox Tidy Remix).wav
Maddox & GRH – Live For The Danger.wav
Maddox & Jojo – Blonde Leading the Blonde v2 MASTER.wav
Maddox & Slater – Corvette.wav
Maddox & Stevens – Heaven Sent .wav
Maddox & Stevens – Heaven Sent (Trance-Pennine Express Mix).wav
Maddox & Stevens – In Your Hands.wav
Maddox & Stevens – Let The Music Play.wav
Maddox & Stevens – Shelter Me.wav
Maddox & Townend – Higher Ground.wav
Maddox & Townend – Sweatdown.wav
Maddox & Townend – Ups & Downs.wav
Maddox and Kaye – Tales From The Krypt (Original Mix).wav
Maddox and Rumble – Party People (Original Mix).wav
Masmada & Abandon – Control Your Body v2 VW.wav
Miss Behavin’ – Such A Good Feelin’ (Barely Legal Remix).wav
NRG – Never Lost His Hardcore (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
OGR – Daydreamer (Original Mix master).wav
Olive Grooves – On Fire .wav
Olive Grooves – Two Short Planks.wav
Olive Grooves & Ken Slater – Beach Bum.wav
Olive Grooves & Kris O’Rourke – Freshen Up.wav
Olive Grooves vs K&K – Clap Ya Ham.wav
Paul Glazby & Abandon – Tortured .wav
Paul Maddox – Analogue Rush (Club Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Bassline Pressure.wav
Paul Maddox – Bring It.wav
Paul Maddox – Burnt Out Metro.wav
Paul Maddox – Confession.wav
Paul Maddox – Conscious Awareness.wav
Paul Maddox – Endangered (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Feelin94 (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Got Power .wav
Paul Maddox – Medusa.wav
Paul Maddox – Mesmerised.wav
Paul Maddox – Moody (Club Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Obsessive Compulsive.wav
Paul Maddox – Paul Glazby – Sorrow – Vicious Circle.wav
Paul Maddox – Quicksand (Club Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Raid.wav
Paul Maddox – Revolution.wav
Paul Maddox – Seismic.wav
Paul Maddox – Surrender (Club Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Tension (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – Tension (Vicious Mix).wav
Paul Maddox – You Belong To Me.wav
Paul Maddox & Ben Stevens – In Your Hands (Olive Grooves Danger Dub).wav
Paul Maddox & Ben Stevens – To The Bass.wav
Paul Maddox & DJ GRH – Live For The Danger.wav
Paul Maddox & Ken Slater – Reunion.wav
Paul Maddox & Ross Homson – Always There.wav
Paul Maddox & Shaun M – Tainted Love .wav
Paul Maddox and Ingo – Reactor (Paul Maddox Mix).wav
Paul Maddox Feat Niki Mac – Reach Out.wav
Paul Maddox feat. Niki Mak – Synthosaurus (Moments Of Madness Dub).wav
Paul Maddox feat. Niki Mak – Synthosaurus (Original Mix).wav
Paul Maddox meets Base Grafitti – Got The Bottle.wav
Paul Maddox meets Jon BW – Spook Show.wav
Paul Maddox meets Karim – Double Edged Sword.wav
Paul Maddox meets Rodi Style – Cinematic.wav
Paul Maddox meets Technikal – Captive.wav
Paul Maddox meets The Tidy DJs – Rave Cat.wav
Paul Maddox Olive Grooves – I Cant Let Go
Paul Maddox Olive Grooves – On Fire
Paul Maddox Olive Grooves – Organ Grinder
Paul Maddox Olive Grooves – Pitchbend Groove
Paul Maddox Vs Dj GRH – New York New York (Original Mix).wav
Phil Cogan – Voodoo Magic (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Phil York & Chris Hoff – Running (Azure Remix) .wav
R12 – Riot Bros – Guyver Unit (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Rachel Auburn – Screwdriver (Olive Grooves Silly Disco Mix).wav
Rich Halpin & Paul Maddox – Move Me.wav
Rundell & Maddox – Everybody’s Hardcore.wav
Rundell & Maddox – Homicide.wav
Rundell & Maddox – Rumpshaker.wav
Rundell & Maddox – So Long.wav
Scott Cooper – Ali Wilson – Disease (Paul Maddox Remix) – Vicious Circle.wav
Shaun M & Abandon – Another Man’s Language (Original Mix).wav
Shaun M & Abandon – Digging Deeper.wav
Shaun M & Abandon Acid Tribe ’14.wav
SilkandStones – Let There Be House (Maddox & Townend Remix).wav
SJ and Baby Doc – I Need U – Glazby and Maddox Remix.wav
Stimulator – Play (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
The Committee – Welcome I Said Shut Up (Streetforce and OGR Remix).wav
Tidy Allstars – Get Up Stand Up (Farley & Maddox Remix).wav
Tidy Allstars – The Homecoming Magna Theme (Original).wav
Tissera & Maddox – Hold Me In Your Arms.wav
Trance-Pennine Express – Don’t Tell Me (Original Mix).wav
Travel – Bulgarian (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Untidy Dubs – Get Down & Dirty.wav
Untidy Dubs Presents Crimson.wav
Untidy Dubs Vol6 – A Little Something .wav
Untidy Dubs Vol6 – Broken Heart.wav
Untidy Dubs Vol6 – Use It Or Lose.wav
VCR165 – Ken Slater – Paul Maddox – Reunion – Vicious Circle.wav
VCRHB002A – Paul Maddox – Phaserblade – Vicious Circle.wav
VCRHB002B – Paul Maddox – Silhouette – Vicious Circle.wav
Velos – The Joker (Paul Maddox Remix) .wav
Wall Haddocks – Deep Sea Woman.wav
Wall Haddocks – Whiting Noise.wav
Wid & Ben Meet Shaun M – Man’s Machine (Paul Maddox Remix).wav
Wonk erd – Comedy Dick – Like It Or Loopma It
Wonk erd – Pure Imagination

Paul Maddox Live at Tidy Weekender 7
Paul Maddox Producer Series
Paul Maddox & Sam Townend Tidy London Live
Plus Bonus tracks


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