TABULA RASA by Ali Wilson (CD)


“Tabula Rasa”  – An absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals. A clean slate.
The human mind, especially at birth, in its blank or empty state before exposure to outside impressions or social constructs.

Ali Wilson presents his his brand new artist album on Untidy. Signifying a fresh start and musical rebirth for Ali, Tabula Rasa sees 17 brand new singles showcasing the diverse range of harder house music in 2021. With tracks already seeing support from artists ranging from Mark Knight to the Tidy Boys, this album is essential listening for fans of Hard House, Techno, Tech House and the new Untidy sound!

This is easily one of the best things i’ve heard in 2021. As soon as Ali sent the first demo over to us i knew we had to sign this. His production and unique vibe really is something you need to check out”  –  Sam Townend

Also available as collectors USB

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