Insomnia 7: Mixed by Andy Farley & Discam (USB)


Tidy presents the 7th edition of Its legendary INSOMNIA album series’ stimulating hard house for the restless.

With an emphasis on the more underground sounds of hard house, this compilation series has seen the likes of the Tidy Boys, Paul Glazby, Stimulant DJs, Jez & Charlie, Tara Reynolds, Ben Stevens and more step up on mixing duties. The latest instalment is one of the strongest editions yet with Hard House legend Andy Farley and Tidy Weekender DJ competition winner (and underground) hero Discam step up to the ones and twos to provide the snapshot of current UK house of the harder variety.

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This Insomnia 7 USB contains Insomnia Mixes plus a selection of DJ friendly singles.

(All mixes full length DJ mixes in high quality MP3 format)

Insomnia 1: Mixed by The Tidy Boys & Paul Glazby
Insomnia 2: Mixed by The Stimulant DJs & Superfast Oz
Insomnia 3: Mixed by Paul Maddox & Tara Reynolds
Insomnia 4: Mixed by Jez & Charlie & Ian M
Insomnia 5: Mixed by The Knuckleheadz & Ben Stevens
Insomnia 6: Mixed by UK Gold & Paul King
Insomnia 7: Mixed by Andy Farley & Discam

DJ Friendly Tracks:

The Grand – Reload
Ingo – Ready 4 Dis
Hyperlogic – U Got The Love (Bulletproof Remix)
Lisa Lashes – Unbelievable
Paul Glazby – Rough N Tough
Question Mark – The Birds
Ingo – Move
Paul Glazby – Beautiful (Od404 Remix)
E-Wok – Go Back
Jon Bishop – I’m In Control
DJ GRH & PauL Maddox – New York, New York
Paul Glazby – Techsture
Paul Maddox – Tension
Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood -Let The Games Begin
Paul Maddox & Ingo – Reactor (Paul’s Mix)
RR Fierce – Neuronex (Nick Sentience Remix)
Benedict Brothers – Honey Child (Paul Maddox Remix)
Jez & Charlie – It’s About Music (Stimulant DJs Remix)
Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug
Psyclone – Goodside
Steve Morley – Sacrifice (Lee Haslam Remix)
Lee Pasch – Emotion
Paul Glazby – Hostile
Comittee – Welcome (Paul Janes Remix)
Defective Audio – Floorburn (Paul Glazby Remix)
Knuckleheadz – Rock Beat
Maddox & Townend – Sweat Down
Trancepennine Express – Forgotten (Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox Remix)
AvsB – Signs Of Life
Ben Stevens – Keep On Moving
Base Graffiti – Base EP Part 1 (Lucy Fur Remix)
Ben Stevens – Beat This
Andy Farley & Ben Stevens – Salt Shaker
Hilly – What Is A DJ If he Can’t Spam
Mike Taylor & Aaron Langstaff – Snatch
Wayne Smart – Sax
Wayne Smart & Agent Jack – Changes
Ben Stevens & Cupra – Black Hole
NG Resonance & PHD – Worlds Collide (Untidy Dub)
Lisa Lashes – Looking Good
Jez & Charlie – Razors Edge (Sticky Bandits Remix)
Neil Bee – Get Lippy
Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (Steve O’Brady & Leigh Green)

Insomnia 7: Stimulating Hard House for the restless


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