Confessions Of The Tidy Boys Annual CD

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The Tidy Boys are back with a brand new Annual, and it’s full of new music, in the same way as all the classic older Annual’s did. It’s been 20 years since Tidy launched this series and finally after 16 years here comes the 6th instalment which is actually a 3 disc adventure. Disc one and two are packed with new music plus a bonus Disc 3 that features The Tidy Boys live at the Opera House from 2007. This is a limited Edition CD and the perfect companion to the previous 5.

The album features brand new tracks by Ingo, Colin Barratt, Nicholson, Quake, Ben Stevens, Bulletproof, Paul Maddox, Steve Hill & Technikal, Jas Van Houten, The Tidy Boys and many more…

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Sam Townend – Holy Geezus
James Revill – Belgium Durt
Ben Stevens – Take Me Back (Sam Townend Remix)
Nicholson – Sunstroke
Eamon Fevah & NuroGL – Inside Of Me
NG Rezonance & PHD – Acid Drop
The Tidy Boys – Pump It Up
Colin Barratt – Let it Rip
JLF vs Digital Mafia – Doin’ That (Energy)
Tidy DJs & Jon BW – Release Me
Paul Maddox – Slightly Mad
Ingo – Bless You
Digital Mafia & Mike Taylor – Rave To The Grave
Rob Tissera & PAUL PRIESTLEY – Aspirations
Hayley Colleen & Leigh Green – Together

Jordan Suckley – Aztec Curse
Quake & Nicholson – Life’s A Dream
Systemshock & Bryn Whiting – Never Surrender
Bryn Whiting – You Are Still Alive (Album Mix)
Jas Van Houten – Square 1
Ingo – Strobelight
Bulletproof – Wanna Hear Ya (Album Mix)
Ben Stevens – Take Me Back (Original Mix)
Andy Naylor feat haYley Colleen – Your Energy
Starquake – Hold Me Hostage
Max Mozart feat Lia B – Runnin’
Bass Jumper – Underground Sound
DR4 / Nick Rafferty – I Need A Fix (Velos Remix)
Steve Hill & Technikal – Smash The Speakers
NG Rezonance & PHD feat Hayley Colleen – Worlds Collide (Stimulant DJs Remix)

Tidy Boys live at the Opera House Bournemouth 2007

The Tidy Annuals were first launched in 2001, The Tidy Boys Annual was the first and became a massive success. The cute hard backed children’s Annual design of the packaging and the insert booklet made this a collectors item and paved the way for this new series, there we 5 in all, they were : Tidy Boys Annual, Tidy Girls Annual, Tidy FC Annual, Tidy Boys Summer Seaside Annual and the Tidy TV Annual. All these albums now seem like they are full of classics, yet, in fact they are full of new music at the time. With this in mind this new Annual is also full of brand new music. The CD album has three discs and as always a silly Annual booklet.


17 reviews for Confessions Of The Tidy Boys Annual CD

  1. tidyamo

    I love it because I made it…

  2. TidyBen82 (verified owner)

    What can I say, 16 years since I purchased the last Tidy Boys annual from my local HMV in Bournemouth and what an addition this is! An absolute banger! It has all the old hallmarks of the legendary series with the sexy amazingly crude mini mag insert and banging tunes. CD 3, I was at the Oprah House (O2) during the Big Night Out event so was pleased to hear the mix set again 🙂 I was hoping to see the old style cardboard case but really does not effect the quality of the music in anyway lol Cheers guys! 🙂

    • TidyAmo

      Thanks so much Ben, means a lot to hear comments like this, we worked hard on this one and I’m hoping the album kick starts a great music period for our scene.

    • TidyAmo

      Thanks Ben, 16 years later and you still loving the Annuals, we have more to come in 2021 too.

  3. Rambo (verified owner)

    Wow! What an amazing experience for the eardrums. The new music on the album is sooooo good! Loving the Bryn whiting stuff and Paul Maddox. There is so many soon to anthems!! Especially “Pump it up” by the Tidy Boys. What a classic of New Hard House this is… Take a bow Andy & Amo for looking forward and not back. From Brien Reynolds aka Rambo.

    • TidyAmo

      Hi Rambo / Brien, glad you like the Tidy Boys track, we think its a grower but you instantly like it which makes us happy.

  4. Tidy_Raver (verified owner)

    So after a 16 year wait for a new tidy annual, and the last one (tidy tv) being one of my favourite tidy albums ,tidy boys confessions had a lot to live up too. I did expect to see it was going to have at least one or two remixes of old classics that are starting to get tired and played out now.. but was pleasantly surprised to see it’s all fresh with a few new producers on the scene. Started off with bringing the fun older sound of tidy,up into a full on energetic hands in the air mix. A nice refreshing sound to the older annuals. Every tune on it was a banger,but the stand out ones for me were:
    James Revill – Belgium Dirt.
    Collin Barratt- Let It Rip.
    JLF vs Digital Mafia – Doin’ That (Energy).
    And this is a bold statement but personally I think, Hayley Colleen & Leigh Green – Together, is my favourite tune of 2020 and a future tidy anthem.

    CD B was like a punch in the face, exactly what I expected and wanted to hear from a B side of a Tidy annual. Head down, marching on the dance floor type tunes with the harder edged sound.
    The stand out tunes on here for me were:
    Systemshock & Bryn Whiting – never surrender.
    Bulletproof – wanna hear you.
    Max Mozart feat Lia B – Runnin’ (my favourite track on this mix)
    DR4/Nick Rafferty- I need a fix (Velos remix)
    NG Rezonance & PHD feat Hayley Colleen – Worlds Collide (Stimulant DJs remix).

    Both mixes on this album, with newer producers alongside original tidy producers, most definitely make this album stand out and bring something fresh to the tidy sound. Looking forward to hearing what next year brings with the other albums.

    • TidyAmo

      Wow what a great review, thanks for taking the time to do this, means a lot.

  5. Mismatchedbeatz (verified owner)

    Made up with my new annual guys . Great to hear the new stuff from ingo, maddox, etc. I have got one criticism if I’m being totally honest with you though and it is quite a biggie I’m afraid……. why did it take you so long to make a second bloody annual? 😃 a quick question when is the tidy girls (20 years on) annual coming out 😉 😉 #keepittidy

  6. luds (verified owner)

    Been waiting far too long for this but what else can be said tune after tune absolute quality mixes well done lads

    • TidyAmo

      thanks, we have loads more new music coming in 2021 too.

  7. Deano83 (verified owner)

    Cannot wait to insert this beauty into the sound system ! Even greater bonus that CD3 was recorded live from the Opera House in 2007 where I stomped the night away! Always been a regular at Tidy events and lucky enough to have attended 4 of their Weekenders .

  8. Silly-Steve (verified owner)

    Well done Tidy what a brilliant album, loving the new material, can’t wait to have a stomp to the new tunes in a club.

    • TidyAmo

      Thanks Steve, really glad you are enjoying the album.

  9. Salathon (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving this album and listening to it on repeat. I normally have festive tunes on at this time of year but this is how being played right through December instead. 😁

    • TidyAmo

      Thanks for many this will be a grower, and all the tracks will be anthems by the time we get to the weekender.

  10. Bluegoob (verified owner)

    Once again The Tidy Boys deliver! Another brilliant album in the Annual series. I listened to it whilst putting up my Christmas decorations and gave Noddy and Cliff a miss this year!…

    • TidyAmo

      Its the perfect Festive album for the harder generation

  11. Craigt86 (verified owner)

    Another great instalment in the Annual collection, cant wait for more.

    • TidyAmo

      Thanks Craig

  12. Steve chappell (verified owner)

    Another fine album!! Holy geezus Sam Townend that beat has infected my brain . Love the crossover into trance too with Nicholson , sunstroke sounds amazing

    • TidyAmo

      Hi Steve, we agree that Holy Geezus track is spot on and once heard its hard to get it out of your head. The new Sam Townend album featuring that track comes out January 1st

  13. Sianide (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to hear it, got all the albums now, can’t wait for the new Tidy Girls 1

  14. FabSharp (verified owner)

    For anyone wanting to hear the latest hard house sounds, or single people that have forgotten how to make love during the latest lockdown, this is the album for you.

    A nice musical progression over the two mixes. Starting out chunky and funky, trancing out in places, and lots of full-on dancefloor (remember those?) stompers. Alongside the more generic tracks, there are others that sound really fresh. Really like the eerie and atmospheric Slightly Mad by Paul Maddox. The live disc isn’t bad either, and isn’t just full of the usual anthems you’d expect (a tracklisting would’ve been nice, boys).

    It’s a shame the CD packaging isn’t done in hardback book style like the original Tidy Boys Annuals (I believe the USB is), but it’s understandable given the limited production run. But the booklet inside, full of smut and nonsense, adds to an impressive package (Ooo-er).

    Not sure Amo’s companion on the cover is quite so impressed with whatever he’s offering her in bed…

  15. Squidge (verified owner)

    Bloody brilliant pass me another cherry b and crank it up to 11

  16. Beanshow1986 (verified owner)

    Ok so finally got round to writing a review on this album, firstly I’m a hard house nut case and have followed the scene from 1995 onwards. I have listened several times and it goes without saying the mixing is bang on as you come to expect from the tidy boys so no suprise there. What I love about this album is that they have taken hard house back to its roots, just good old 4 x 4 hard house, obviously there is tracks you prefer over others but that is like any other album……for me the stand out tracks are as follows

    Ingos……both tracks avid drop and runnin !!

    Well done tidy boys you always deliver but for me this album is spot on and right up there, your first annual will take some beating in my eyes but this is firmly up there 👍

  17. Bladeass (verified owner)

    Awesome lovely annual f*#king belting !!!!

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