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Pickled Vibes…

With two releases in as many weeks under his belt, Ross Homson talks to us about making music and his love for all things Untidy…

Two releases on Tidy in two weeks… you’ve been pretty busy then?

Yeah, you could say that. I had taken a bit of a step back from hard house over the last few years, but the revival of the Untidy sound which Sam has been pushing really peaked my interest and got me back into it again. Over lockdown I decided to get some studio sessions booked in with Paul Norr,is (of Cupra and Drax Nelson fame), and start making some music again. Since then I’ve made a handful of tracks and have just been lucky enough really that Tidy and Untidy picked up two of them.

Describe the music you make?

I’m mainly know for making the slower, groovier material. I take a lot of inspiration from Trade era hard house as well as current tech house. I play for a house night most weeks so it’s good to make tracks which I can either play at a hard house night or the end of a house night.

So how did you get into music production?

I think going into the studio and producing was just a natural progression to start once I started playing gigs. It was a way to craft my own sound and have exclusive tracks to play. Although I completed a music production course earlier this year, I’ve always worked with engineers when producing my music. I made most of my music with Dave Owens before he moved to America a few years ago and since getting back in the studio over the past 12 months I’ve worked with Paul. We’ve been mates through the scene for ages so it makes it pretty easy to chat and get ideas down about what kind of track I’m wanting to come out with.

Who inspires you?

At the moment Sam Townend is probably the biggest inspiration musically. All the tracks he has put out over the last 12 months have been fire and you can tell how much work he puts in behind the scenes.

Some producers struggle to steer away from making a certain style of music to produce another but you seem to have no problems. How do you make this happen?

I’ve always played both house and hard house and I think that listening to such a range of music and hearing different styles probably helps to keep my productions varied.

You’ve had two tracks released on two tidy labels… which style do you feel you will be focusing on for future releases?

Although having a track signed to Tidy is such a big achievement I would definitely say my sound is more suited to Untidy.

How does it feel to be part of this fresh Untidy Sound that has really taken off and infiltrated other scenes?

It feels great, to be honest. Hearing tracks that Untidy are putting out on Radio 1 as well as hearing big name DJs supporting the tracks will hopefully be the push that is needed to get new people listening and interested in hard house. You can already hear DJs such as Patrick Topping, and Eats Everything really embracing that classic hard house sound.

Which do you prefer producing solo or with someone else?

I usually prefer to go in the studio with my own ideas knowing what I’m wanting to come out with. Although working with someone on a collab can come out with good results, (insert plug for In A Pickle here), there are often times where you may not agree on the direction of the track or one of you may end up with a track you are not 100% happy with.

What have you been working on and who have you been working with?

Over the past 12 months or so I’ve finished 9 tracks with Paul. I’ve had ‘Spill The Tea’ and ‘Vibe Check’ out on Untidy and our collab ‘In A Pickle’ out on Tidy. I’ve also had a house track out on Toolbox House. Most of the other bits are just staying as unreleased at the moment until I get a chance to play them a club.

So, what can we expect from you in the future?

Probably just carrying on with some more productions and hoping to get out playing some hard house gigs.

When was the last time you were in a pickle?

I’m really rubbish at remembering names so that are weekly of instances of seeing people when I’m out clubbing and having full on conversations with them without being able to remember their name’s.

Download & Stream this release here:

Download & Stream this release here:

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