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Nicholson Vs Quake – Life’s A Dream (TidyTwo)

TidyTwo’s latest offering sees one of the biggest trance producers of the moment team up with legendary trance outfit Quake for a breath taking and melodic offering.

From the outset, this track is a beast! The production is so perfect and polished, in fact, that it couldn’t be any better. Most importantly, it’s one of those tracks guaranteed to have people reaching for the stars.

I love the piano breakdown in this which covertly creeps in under the vocal before the strings are released, delivering that catchy melodic dream sound… then it gains momentum. The chopped up vocal in it is also reminiscent of that uplifting German trance sound from the early to mid 2000’s.

Every TidyTwo release has offered something different, rather than just it’s trademark sound which would be the easy option. It’s a definite sound that the music has evolved. This reminds me of something Flutlicht would produce… it’s so atmospheric and euphoric.

This is without a doubt one of Nicholson and Quake’s finest works! It’s more than just a dream.

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