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Nicholson – Free (TidyTwo)

He’s only gone and done it again… Smoke is still emerging from the speakers of those still playing his previous scorcher ‘Reverent’ and now it’s the turn of Nicholson’s latest long-playing offering ‘Free’.

When you release an album as good as ‘Reverent’ which sets a benchmark you have the virtually impossible task of producing something as good again. Well… I think that benchmark has been obliterated. The blood, sweat and tears that went into this has resulted with Carl delivering something that is easily as good, if not better and most certainly special.

From the off with the aptly named ‘Lockdown’ you know you are in for a treat with its uplifting melodies and atmospheric sounds. The euphoria continues with ‘Beautiful Day’ a huge trance anthem if I’ve ever heard one. ‘Lights Up’ which featured the ivory key skills of Paul Skelton is another stand out track with an almighty synth breakdown. ‘Hit & Miss’ is anything but with some lush builds and effects. ‘Raveolution’ is probably one of the fiercest on there and has a cracking bassline running though it and some nice ravey riffs creating a monster. ‘Hell & Heaven’ has a devilishly twisted acid bassline which emerges from the breakdown then runs throughout. ‘Zero Gravity’ is aptly named. It’s a powerfully uplifting number featuring some divinely heavenly sounds. These are just a few of my favourites on the album.

The album closes with the angelic vocals of Emoiyrah in ‘Now We Are Free’. It’s an excellent finale to a truly wonderful album and the passion and energy that has gone into producing this is evident. Listing to ‘Free’ is an emotional experience.

For me it is reminiscent of the great European trance sound that we came to love in the 2000’s before it became diluted. Nicholson has nailed it. ‘Free’ is without a doubt goose bump material. It is so well produced! It’s so difficult to choose a favourite track on the album because they are all so bloody good.

The album artwork reminds of that infamous grey TDV sweater but with an updated twist. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see that emerge in some form of apparel!

Well… here’s the question… Has Nicholson surpassed himself…? FUCK YEAH!!!

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