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Lisa Lashes – Lookin’ Good (Sam Divine Remix) (Untidy UX)

Dance music is so versatile. It can be translated in many ways and exposed to so many new and different genres simply be remixing. In fact, it’s such a powerful medium. Wen it comes to remixing big tracks you need some kahunas to pull it of that so often, so many miss the mark… but not in this case.

If someone asked you remix one of Tidy’s biggest releases you would probably be a tad nervous. You may even ne apprehensive and some of you may not take up he challenge. For Sam Divine, it was ultimate challenge. One of the house scene’s most prominent figures, she had to take a hard house track and rework it for todays youth couture. And the result… well… it’s breath-taking…

Sam Divine is Lookin’ Good!

The first thing that hits me is the early 90’s influence of this remix with a distinct Detroit feel to some of the sounds used and that breakdown is very reminiscent of 808 State’s ‘Pacific State’. The bassline is immensely groovy and drives the track with the smooth momentum you would expect travelling in a top of the range Rolls Royce. It’s a catchy and mesmerising loop and when you add the other elements, the remix really does come into its own. The attention to detail is great including the vinyl crackles throughout the string breakdown and those lush little stabs. As a mark of respect to hard house there are one or two hoover blasts which fit in very well.

Untidy Trax has firmly stamped it’ feet within the house scene and they have firmly routed after only three releases. This is a brilliant remix. The original has been well interpreted into a deep and Divine, (yes pun intended!), house track for the youth of today. This will certainly stan the test of time!

Take a bow Miss Divine… a job well done,,, and probably not your last for the label either!

Download & Stream this release here: https://untidy.fanlink.to/LookinGood_…

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