Jas Van Houten - Square 1
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Jas Van Houten – Square 1 (Untidy Trax)

This label can do no wrong at the moment and neither can Jas Van Houten. His distinct style of dirty, bass driven tough house contains all the right ingredients for an Untidy release. It follows on from Moving On which came with a brand-new Untidy Dub… the first in a long while. This release is a solo offering of the original mix which is strong enough to be unaccompanied by any remixes.

Van Houten is an established producer who has not only made his mark within the Dutch scene but globally. Well known for his Vinyl Inside releases during the hard house heyday, this is a bit of a pleasurable platter.

I’m a big fan of old school rave sounds and they feature prominently in this release with a throbbing stab over a bubbling bassline and catchy percussion, and just for extra measure there is also a rather tasty little hoover which is a bit of an ankle biter.

This is a definite nod of the head to the Dutch sound from the early 90’s. The hypnotic groove of the track will certainly cause havoc on a dancefloor and continues the excellent run of tough and chunky house to feature on Untidy Trax as it goes from strength to strength. Do not file under Warm up!!!

This is right up your straat!

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