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Girl Powa (Tidy Trax)

You can’t beat a bit of Girl Powa and let’s face it the hard house scene has its fair share of musical heroines including the original Tidy Girls Anne Savage, Lisa Lashes, Rachel Auburn and Lisa Pin-Up.

It’s no argument that these four paved the way for others to follow including original Tidy Board member Kym Ayres, (Tidy Princess), Tara Reynolds, Kirsty Lee James, Cally Cage, Dawn Lee, DJ Lolly and Gem Stone to name just a handful, there are many more talented artists on this release.

Tidy have not only released this as a USB crammed with 320 WAV files of original tracks and remixes, they have also released a triple mixed CD which sees the best of this huge collection mixed seamlessly. You can also expect this to hit all the major streaming sites in time. The chrome USB stick comes in a brilliant white case with the Girl Powa logo emblazoned on both.

It’s not until you actually see a product like this that you see just how many female artists have released tracks and remixed on Tidy and other labels too. The mixes are well put together and bursting not only with energy but more importantly with passion too!

There are one or two hidden gems on the USB which have never been released digitally before like Kitty Lips’ Trade anthem ‘Keep Rockin’.

Unlike previous Tidy USB releases this contains much ore content than just Tidy releases with the cream of the crop of female talent with the dance industry. It also shows that the UK is leading the way with talented female producers, especially in the harder scene.

There is also a brand-new range of female clothing out so check that out in the online Tidy Store and at the Weekender!

Buy the USB and CD here…

Tidy Trax presents Girl Powa (USB)

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