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Drew Dabble – What Ya Saying / Bass Face (Untidy Trax)

Reaching our shores all the way from Down Under comes this tremendous release from Drew Dabble who isn’t actually Australian, but Irish. Currently a Sydney resident,  he knows his way around a studio and this is his current audio offering signed to the label by Sam Townend.

Untidy Trax have signed What Ya Saying and Bass Face, two delightful tough housers that have already attracted heavy support on Radio 1 from Annie Mac and Danny Howard and on playing this you can easily understand why.

‘What Ya Saying’ is an incredible late 80’s /early 90’s style Chicago house track with a beefy stab running throughout and a mesmerizingly catchy vocal hook which is worked well into the track. You could imagine the godfathers of house music dropping this, never mind the new breed of house DJs. You can understand why there is heavy support with this from the likes of Radio 1. Expect this to be dropped by the unexpected.

The second track is a very electronic and well produced synth driven affair. The bleepy breakdown in ‘Bass Face’ leads you astray, into the path of the looming bassline which slaps you in the face with its wetness. It’s almost the track has been constructed with bleeps and beeps from retro console and arcade games… only it hasn’t.

The good thing about the new Untidy releases are that every one of them is different. There is no longer a distinct Untidy Sound synonymous with the original Untidy Dubs releases.

Ya gotta love this release and I and see why a lot of people do. Me… I love it!

Download & Stream this release here: https://untidy.fanlink.to/WhatYaSaying

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