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Digital Mafia – Digital Mafia EP (Tidy Trax)

It’s no secret that I am an advocate of the old skool sound being recycled in new releases and Digital Mafia has done a  most excellent job of doing that with this incredible EP that presents two cracking tracks nicely sprinkled with a huge dose of retro sounds from yesterrave!

First up is ‘Rave To The Grave’ produced with Mike Taylor. Imagine a hard house train hitting a Strictly Underground Records train head on…. Yeah that’s right… carnage… but lovely carnage at that. So many people try and use old skool rave sounds but fail epically in the delivery of the track. Not these two. Juice stabs darting in and out of he tight and crisp percussion and that kick throughout is powerful.

The second track with JLF is a beauty! It thrives on the bassline driving it and great sax solo before the stabbed breakdown takes over, infiltrated by a nice little acid attack. Whilst this does have an element of old skool to it, this is more of an upfront offering and will appeal to many. It’s a thumper!

Digital Mafia is to Tidy NOW what Paul Maddox was back in the day… a creative, original artist who is not afraid to push the boundaries and deliver a different sound with every production. That statement will no doubt cause some discussion.

This is a brilliant release and I always look forward to a Digital Mafia release whether it’s an original track or a collaboration!

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