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Bass In Yer Face

Lee Pasch makes a welcome return to Tidy, this time to Untidy Trax with a filthy tough houser! We grabbed him for a quick chat.

You released your first record in 2002, your last Tidy release was in 2007… what have you been up to until now?

Wow – where do the years go?!

I actually became a music teacher back in 2008, which has been my full-time ‘day job’ ever since, but I’ve also spent the last few years writing music for media – adverts and TV and so on – which has been my main way of staying creative and keeping my hand in the studio.

Emotion is one of the tracks you are well known for and it was a huge release on TidyTwo in 2003. The new release, Bass Playaz, is out on Untidy Trax. Is this a sign that you have changed style with what you produce?

Writing across different (and often very different) styles of music is something I really enjoy doing. Whilst it can certainly be frustrating at times, I love the challenge that comes with it – I feel there’s so much more to be learnt this way.

In terms of my releases within hard house/hard trance, back in 2002/03, it was the new sound of TidyTwo – Guyver and Lee Haslam etc. – that blew me away, and that ultimately spurred me on to create something in a similar vein.

When I wrote the new Untidy EP (which was actually some time ago now) I was listening to a lot of ‘deep tech’ and other forms of house music for a completely different project, and was inspired to incorporate elements of what I was hearing into my own 130bpm hard house efforts.

So… I guess I just do what inspires me, basically. I think that’s what I’ve always done.

What makes a Bass Player???

“The lower you go the more you show you know”! Ha – what was that track?! (It was MC Wildski who teamed up with Norman Cook for ‘Blame It On The Bassline’ -JD)

Would you say you have mellowed with age and this is a result of that?

Haha, I’m not sure I’ve mellowed… actually… I have… in some ways!

Will we see more of this style of music from you in the future? What is in the pipeline?

Yeah, I reckon so. Whilst the whole Tidy brand is once again going from strength to strength which is amazing to see, it’s the Untidy label that gets me most excited personally. I’d certainly like to explore pushing the sound of the new EP further… so keep a look out for future releases!

You were relatively young when you had your first release on Tidy. There I a surge of new producers now producing hard house. As you have been on that journey what advice would you give them?

It’s great to see lots of new names emerging. It’s a bit of a cliché, but “try to do your own thing” would be my advice. Observe what others are doing, be inspired, but be yourself – musically and otherwise.

Do you think will we see you produce another hard trance anthem..?

I’ll never say never, but I’m on the 130-135bpm ‘house that’s hard’ tip… for now!

Download & Stream this releasse here: https://untidy.fanlink.to/BassPlayaz


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